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How to secure my Drupal website?

These are only some of the ways to keep your Drupal website safe. Contact a DevOps specialist to ensure your website security

  • Keep Drupal CMS and its Modules Up to Date.

Hackers usually target outdated platforms, so you must not lag behind.

  • Create Website Backups.

Maintaining regular backups will allow you to quickly restore all the damaged data.

  • Check Files Permissions.

If your permissions are too loose, it could be a signal for hackers to compromise your platform.

  • Block Access to Important Files.

Restrict the access to some important files like authorize.php file, upgrade.php file and install.php file via .htaccess. By doing this, no one but you and developers will be able to enter the core files of a website.

  • Enable HTTP Secure (HTTPS).

To secure the connection between the user and the server, you must install SSL certificate on the server. This will prohibit hackers from crawling the information transferred between the server and the user.

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