Project cases

Deeds speak louder than words. Besides the services we offer, please also read about the examples of web projects we have developed and join our ever-growing list of happy clients.

Migration of Website to Drupal 10 Without Losing SEO Rankings: A Case Study

This case study details the successful migration of a website to Drupal 10 without any negative impact on its SEO rankings.

Successful migration to Drupal 9 for e-commerce website - Case Study

We helped our customer migrate their e-commerce website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9.

Migration from Drupal 7 to WordPress with redesign

Every customer can choose a CMS that fits their business needs like a glove, and we can help migrate their website in any direction.

Restaurant website built with WordPress

Welcome to see one of our WordPress case studies. A customer asked our web development agency to build a restaurant website for them

Improvements for a car dealer WordPress website

A car dealer company reached out to our web agency for a bunch of tasks on their website redesign.

Price calculator on a Drupal 8 website

One of the customers of our web development agency reached out to us with an idea to create a price calculator feature for their website built on Drupal 8. It was meant to perform the cost calculations for their money service.

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