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AttendingDR is a light, handy network for doctors on one hand and a helpful site with doctors’ practical advice for patients on the other hand. Doctors can communicate there, create initiative groups, discuss issues, spread information about their clinics and much more. Another important site’s mission is to help doctors and patients find each other.


We needed a combination of a healthcare site and a doctors social network. Patients needed the option to receive a qualified doctor’s consultation, and doctors needed the opportunity not just to contact patients, but also to communicate with other doctors inside the site. We had to provide quick site response, the answers by verified doctors to patients, and more.


Drupal, with its numerous out-of-box modules and great flexibility, allows us to save time and money for routine functionality. We also created our custom modules to provide specific features for the project.


We successfully met all the challenges and achieved great results in creating this powerful network for doctors and patients. Among interesting features we created for this project, we can distinguish:

  • Full-fledged communication between doctors and patients, including visit appointments — thanks to the smooth integration of the website for doctors with the website for patients.
  • Valid electronic signature for documents (health certificates, receipts etc.).
  • The possibility to create events that can be either shared to public community calendars (schedules) and or to private calendars shareable with particular users or networks.
  • The possibility for users to create the descriptions of their clinics and list them in the public directory.
  • Advanced job search for talented doctors.
  • Doctor profile verification against the official records.
  • Quick responses and load time thanks to regularly deleting the outdated content.
  • Multi-step registration for different user types.
  • Handy content search by related categories.
  • User logout after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • The possibility for users to invite each other via Gmail, Yahoo and AOL.
  • An informative user dashboard with new message indications, statistics, connection recommendations, and more.
  • Articles, blogs, news, and forum for the perfect skill-sharing and professional discussions.
  • The possibility for users to create and support petitions.
  • The possibility for users to share their status, select who can see it, send emails about this status, and more.
  • The “Content you may like” suggestions according to the user’s profile information.
  • The “Users you may like” suggestions that uses the same principle.
  • The "Listening to" and "Speaking to" features, similar to Twitter’s "following" and "followers”.
  • The endorse functionality, similar to “likes.”
  • The possibility for users to add others as friends and subscribe to their updates.
  • Messaging available to users or networks (something like G+ circles).
  • Real-time pop-up notifications about new messages.
  • Message notifications without a page reload.
  • The possibility to create free or pre-paid events, and sell tickets for pre-paid ones via the website.
  • The possibility to create personal collections of important external links.
  • Scheduled online video conferences.
  • The possibility to send virtual visiting cards to other users with one button click.
  • The possibility to create networks and add other users to them.
  • The possibility to save all files in the library for future reuse.
  • Data encryption and secure transactions thanks to HTTPS protocol.
  • The integration with Authorize and PayPal payment systems.

As you can see, healthcare website development opens new opportunities for this traditional industry. Electronic signature, online appointments, and other features make a difference. If you are thinking to build a healthcare website, entrust this to our development team.

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