Consolidating Multiple Websites Into One Platform


We teamed up with a company that provides online learning courses in different subject areas. Visitors of their site were experiencing difficulty finding necessary classes and programs. The content was divided among 10 different platforms (one for each branch). The client contacted us with a request to consolidate all these microsites into a single, powerful learning platform.   


The goal was to bring together fragmented content across 10 different sites. This had to be achieved in tandem with developing a responsive design and optimizing all web graphics. While most of the branches shared similar content, we also had to develop a few outliers.


To meet this challenge, we made a radical departure from the platform's existing structure. We combined the content into a simple, cohesive listing on a single website so that visitors could see all the classes and filter them by category. Centralizing the content in this fashion made information easier to find. We also created a set of navigation for each branch, with the ability to add additional pages if needed.


By redesigning the learning platform and consolidating the microsites, we were able to give users the ability to find everything they need in one hub. This increased positive user experience and created great feedback. Our web developers delivered faster, more engaging, and a more usable and responsive website for our client.

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