Drupal 8 website with an interactive map for construction company


Our client is a nationally ranked contractor/construction manager with 95 years of experience in servicing power, industrial, healthcare, gaming, and educational clientele. The company asked us to create a website that would present its services to clients in the best possible way.


The site also had to serve as a portfolio, enabling users to observe detailed descriptions of the projects completed by the company, via an interactive map.


Drupal, as a very handy and freely extensible content management framework, was the perfect solution for this project. For implementing the interactive map, we used the functional library (http://leafletjs.com/).


The site now has everything needed to present the company’s services: the About, Capabilities, Values, Affiliates, and Contact pages, and, of course, an interactive map on the Portfolio page. The map shows projects by location, by status (completed or in progress), and by the market. By clicking on a location, users can see a list of projects belonging to it. The map marks the locations of any new projects that the company might add. The site is responsive and displays perfectly on all devices.

We are not only able to perform map integration, but a hundred more different integrations to your website. Contact WishDesk if you need to add any feature to your platform.

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