website for a powerful real estate data aggregator


Our customer is dedicated to providing real estate data based on a multitude of perspectives and variations, allowing customers to find real estate the way they want to. In this case, our customers asked us to build a website that would be the source for accurate, transparent, and independent real estate news, data, and analysis for South Florida.


We faced a few challenges in this project:

  • old, low-quality code
  • slow facet ranges out of the box (we have around 20/25 filters/facets per page. We implemented fast Ajax demon to warm up the search)
  • integration with postGIS (we are storing a lot of GEO info in WKT format there)
  • effective image processing (we are getting 100K images per day)
  • commerce integration with Stripe (required to configure recurring payments)
  • building a shell script for a 5-minute automatic deployment process


Drupal 7 was a successful choice for this project. The whole infrastructure is built using Docker containers, including Amazon services like RDS, EC2, and CloudFront CDN. In addition to that, we have built a few of our own tools (like daemon for indexing data in Solr to support multithreading) that allows us to manipulate data much more easily and quickly.


As a result, the customer got a powerful website that aggregates data from various sources, including MLS sale and rental listings, news, recorded sales, property records, zoning, traffic counts, transit, recorded mortgages, recorded liens, demographics, and more into a seamlessly unified platform. It combines numerous and often disparate data sets including public records, MLS listings, zoning allowances and geospatial data with powerful filters, reporting and client collaboration capabilities to empower real estate professionals to make smarter decisions while staying at the center of their client’s online experience.

Some of its great features include:

  • fast indexing data with Apache Solr via multi-threading
  • data import from CSV, Excel, MDB, Shape files
  • Open Trip Planner integration
  • custom tiles implementation for Mapbox
  • custom PDF report generation
  • superfast search filters and facets
  • SSO integration
  • API data layer implementation

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