Drupal 8 website for energy company


Our customer is an energy company formed in 2000 by a core team of experts. It provides financing, engineering, construction, and maintenance services for its own CEC, CHCP and renewable energy projects, as well as third-party clients. They asked us to create a website that would showcase their services, experience, values, career opportunities, and more.


The site also had to serve as a portfolio, enabling users to observe detailed descriptions of the projects completed by the company by means of an interactive map.


For this project, we chose Drupal. This content management framework is very handy and freely extensible. To implement the interactive map, we used the functional library (http://leafletjs.com/).


As a result, the site presents the company’s services in the handiest way. It has the About, Affiliates, Services, Values, Careers, and Contacts pages, as well as an interactive map on the Portfolio page. The map displays projects by location, by status (completed or in progress), and by the market. When users click on a location, they see a list of projects belonging to it. The map marks the locations of any new projects that the company might add. 

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