Google maps/geocoder/autocomplete API integration


We worked with a real estate website where users could post their real property for sale and mark their location on the map. However, the "geography" of the site was limited.


The task was to allow users to place their property on the website map in any part of the world. Prior to that, the principle of adding objects was based only in terms of taxonomy. That was ineffective, as adding new items was possible only in the taxonomy terms that had been created earlier. So we needed to find another way to do this.


Our solution was integration with the three Google APIs:

  • Google Autocomplete API
  • Google Geocoder API
  • Google Maps JavaScript API


Google Autocomplete API allows users to enter the beginning of the needed address when creating an object and easily find an existing address by selecting from the suggested list of possibilities.

Google Geocoder API allows users to get coordinates for the entered address, or vice versa, to find an address when they enter coordinates. It’s necessary for marking an item on the map.

Google Maps JavaScript API is the map itself. It gets coordinates and displays the appropriate area, and all objects situated in this area, as a response to the user’s request.

So now, on that real estate website, adding objects is based not on the taxonomy terms, but on Google APIs integration. Due to this change users can mark their property on the site map more easily and sell it in a more convenient way.

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