online courses implementation


We worked with a modern educational platform which is distributed to a large range of customers all over the world. One of the main project’s objectives is to provide the best possible online courses based on ground-breaking research & technologies. This, in turn, can be a solid foundation for creating and managing start-ups and other ambitious projects.


Our task was to import the course content from another platform and create a web page that could be user-friendly and make the whole educational process, from subscribing to obtaining results, equally easy and smooth on big and small screens. Another important thing we had to go through was arranging user roles and permissions and establish different access levels to each part of the website.


Considering all the pros and cons, and the complexity of the task, we have chosen Drupal for the project. The popular CMS’s flexibility allowed us to provide secure data importation, complete the necessary integrations and install useful modules. Among these, Organic groups are extremely helpful as it enables us to create various user groups.


Ultimately, we obtained nice functionality throughout the website. Now, users can see the price of the courses, consider their benefits, choose one and buy it. Admin and users are able to overview other users grouped by classes. User roles and permissions are arranged well. At the client’s request, we made a configurable front page which consists of blocks of predefined types. They can have images and text on it. It is also worth noting that we have achieved an excellent responsive design. As a whole, we provided a great user interaction on the website.

The team at WishDesk knows how to import content from one website to another and complete all the necessary integrations. Contact us to keep all your data safe.

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