Improvements for a car dealer WordPress website


A car dealer company reached out to our web agency for a bunch of tasks on their website redesign. The car dealer site had to be enriched with additional functionality in order to be more user-friendly and engaging for prospective customers.


There was a need for API integration so the car rental website could pull the car search results from third-party sites that offered this functionality. Next, the site needed to feature a built-in chat so prospective customers could have discussions before buying a car. Finally, we were tasked with making the car dealer website multilingual so they could embrace a much broader international market.


We incorporated the third-party APIs into the main website’s theme and created pages with the options for entering the АPI keys and access to every specific feed source. To create the chat, we used the LiveChat – WP plugin with the site widget customisation options and a ticket form that enables offline communication. Next, we created the multilingual functionality and added two more languages to the site by using the WPML — WordPress Multilingual plugin, providing the site with a handy language switcher, translation admin dashboard, and RTL support according to the customer’s country interests.


Smooth data flow through the APIs, multiple languages on the site, and the ability to communicate through the user-friendly chat boosted the website traffic and increased the car sales, according to our customer’s feedback. We are glad to be part of this success.

Our web developers will be glad to do any improvements or redesign you need to your WordPress or Drupal website so it helps you become much more competitive in your industry!

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