Interactive model on a product customization page


For more than two years, we have been working with a client who is a fashion designer. We have built a website that is the embodiment of numerous creative ideas of both the customer and our developers. Almost the entire site is an innovation — you won’t see the same home page or product pages anywhere else.


Our task was to create a page where users can customise their products. We would have find a way to allow site visitors to compose their own clothing items (e.g. a dress, a skirt, pants, shorts, shirt, etc.) based on suggested colors and patterns from the website.


We suggested creating an interactive model for product customization. To arrange a convenient usage of colors and patterns, we implemented two Waterwheel Carousel sliders for each palette accordingly.


As a result, we obtained a nice functionality that meets the needs of our customer’s business very well. That site users now are able to choose from the wide range of colors and patterns one that suites them and create unique clothes. Then users can save their customised final result in the “my designs” section to quickly get their self-designed and custom sewn exclusive clothes,  ready to be worn.

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