Successful migration to Drupal 9 for e-commerce website


One of our customers is a leading e-commerce company that was running its website on Drupal 7. The company wanted to migrate to Drupal 9 to take advantage of the latest features and improve website performance. They hired our team to handle the migration process.


The biggest challenge we faced was the complexity of the migration process. The Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 upgrade required a lot of changes to be made to the website's codebase and configuration, which could lead to potential issues with data loss or compatibility.


We started the upgrade process by performing a thorough analysis of the website and identifying all the custom modules and functionalities that would need to be updated. We then created a detailed migration plan that included step-by-step instructions for updating the codebase, modules, and configurations.

To ensure data compatibility, we carried out extensive testing on a staging environment to identify and fix any issues that could arise during the upgrade process. We also made sure to keep the client informed throughout the entire process, providing regular updates and seeking their feedback at each stage.


The upgrade process was successful, and the website was migrated to Drupal 9 without any major issues or data loss. The website's performance and stability improved significantly, and the client was pleased with the new features and functionalities that were available in Drupal 9.

Furthermore, the website's security was enhanced, and the client could now take advantage of Drupal's long-term support for version 9. Overall, the upgrade to Drupal 9 helped our client stay competitive in the e-commerce market, and they continue to work with our team to maintain and improve their website.

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