Migration of Website to Drupal 10 Without Losing SEO Rankings


Client, a well-established business, had an existing website running on Drupal 8. They wanted to migrate to Drupal 10 to take advantage of the latest features, improve website performance, and enhance their user experience. However, they were worried about losing their SEO rankings during the migration process. They approached us for a solution to migrate their website to Drupal 10 without losing their SEO rankings.


The biggest challenge was to ensure that the migration process did not negatively impact the website's SEO rankings. Any changes made during the migration could potentially affect the website's existing search engine rankings, resulting in a loss of traffic and revenue for the business.


We started the migration process by performing a thorough analysis of the website's existing SEO rankings and identifying the factors that contributed to its success. We then created a detailed migration plan that incorporated SEO best practices and techniques to ensure that the website's existing SEO rankings were maintained.

To ensure that the website's existing content was preserved, we created a migration strategy that included preserving the website's existing URL structure, metadata, and content hierarchy. We also used Drupal's SEO optimization modules to optimize the website's performance and improve its search engine rankings.


The migration process was successful, and the website was migrated to Drupal 10 without any loss of SEO rankings. The website's performance improved significantly, and the user experience was enhanced. The website's SEO rankings improved even further after the migration, resulting in increased traffic and revenue for the business.

The client of our web development company was pleased with the seamless migration process and the ability to take advantage of the latest features and functionalities provided by Drupal 10.

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