Multi-domain implementation on a medical website


Our customer is the owner of a medical website developed for companies that want to manage and analyze customer interactions and data through the customer’s lifestyle. Their goal is to improve business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. However, the website was not responsive enough on different mobile devices. What is more, the customer didn’t have a separate domain for each company.


The task was to provide a common and unique functionality. At the same time, the look of the website varied on devices of different sizes. Complicating the situation was the fact that we were asked to develop a separate domain for each company.


To complete such a complex task, we have chosen Drupal for several reasons:

  1. The content management system is very handy
  2. There is a free module for managing contacts, activities and relationships within Drupal website (CRM Core)
  3. Multidomain organization is realized with the lowest possible effort
  4. Great acceleration possibilities
  5. Drupal flexibility was essential for custom functionality development

In addition to this, we have taken advantages of API integration, namely:

  • Notifications API: sitewide notifications for different event types, different types of notifications.
  • Registration API: several ways to register new users (one of them uses Python to process data).


Now the website has a separate domain for each customer. It has a responsive design which looks good on different browsers/platforms. The website is based on a basic framework for managing contacts, activities and relationships. Besides, we added some specific features, including a collapsible menu with animated accordion effects and autocollapse support, the possibility to import contacts to the website from large files, and a pop-up image with all main contact information. As a result, we now have a modern, reliable web resource that meets all the client’s and users’ requirements.

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