Proconsort Portal


The purpose of the site is to provide excellent interaction between suppliers and educational institutions on one side and consumers of educational literature in the USA on the other. The owner is also striving to ensure a proper data exchange between the two sides.


Our task was to make the website friendly for the customer and users. We needed to add some significant features as follows:

  • to make it possible for a user to belong to several organizations at the same time
  • to implement surveys
  • to offer messaging for both individual users and mass mailings based on filter sampling
  • to improve database management
  • to provide custom query capability


To fulfill these objectives, we found the most appropriate tools and modules :

  • The Masquerade module was chosen so that the user can switch between organizations without additional authorization
  • For survey data, we used CSV because it is a very simple format
  • We also realized the two-way synchronization with the external MS SQL database
  • A ticket system was the best solution to track user requests and manage them in one location.


As a result, we created a truly awesome customer service experience on the website, thanks to the comprehensive approach to all the issues we mentioned above.

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