Redeveloping a Car Rental Website


We teamed up with a well-known European car rental service. In order to meet the demands of the international market and provide positive user experience for all of their customers, we were tasked with redeveloping the company’s website. 


The platform had to perform well across the globe. As an international car rental service, multiple languages, worldwide maps, and other functionalities were an essential integration. We also had to find solutions against human error in data entry.    


We developed a multilingual Drupal platform accessible to users across the world. Geolocation was the main feature of car rental’s website. The platform is able to recognize location data when a visitor attends. It then uses this information to direct a visitor to a website in the proper country with the appropriate language. For those who needed to switch sites, a special dropdown menu was developed. To eliminate human error in data entry, we developed dropdown lists in sign-in forms.  


A smooth registration process, responsive design, and multilingual functionality came together to ensure positive user experience. By rebuilding the car rental service’s website for the world marketplace, we achieved higher international traffic and increased sales for our client.  

Time changes, so do the requirements for online business. Keep up with the times and contact WishDesk for a full website rebuild and redesign. We know how to optimize your platform to positive user experience.

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