Restaurant website built with WordPress


Welcome to see one of our WordPress case studies. A customer asked our web development agency to build a restaurant website for them. It had a bunch of requirements related to its features and content editing capabilities.


First of all, the customer wanted the site’s content to be easily editable and manageable. The site had to be multilingual (in English and German). The website had to have a table reservation system with a cancellation option and email notifications. The restaurant also had a food delivery option with a distance limitation, which had to be implemented on the website. Only registered users had to be able to submit their delivery orders. The website also had to be GDPR compliant.


When it comes to fulfilling customers’ needs for easy content editing, there is nothing better than content management systems (CMSs). Our team works with both WordPress and Drupal. We chose WordPress this time because the customer preferred it.

In order to make the website GDPR compliant, we added a checkbox, a GDPR agreement, and a reCaptcha. We made the multilingual functionality using the WPML plugin.

Our experts created the logic of table reservation and online ordering according to the best UX recommendations. We made sure it’s impossible to book a table that’s already been booked and that the manager is able to approve or disapprove the reservation. We also created the convenient order forms with a distance limit. Users can see their orders in the user cabinet.


This multilingual restaurant website built with WordPress meets all the customer’s requirements and best UX practices. It is easy to use both for the restaurant’s customers and managers. The seamless food delivery option with online ordering has made an especially big impact on their business in the times of the quarantine. We are glad to help!

If you are interested in building a restaurant website with WordPress or Drupal, or a website in any other industry, our web developers will be glad to implement your ideas. We switched to a cost-effective development approach, which your business will definitely appreciate

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