User interface for a compliance workflow on a Drupal 8 site


One of our long-term customers, a company that promotes investment business, reached out to us with an interesting task. As part of the compliance workflow, any new information added to the investment product pages on their Drupal 8 site gets approved by the responsible users. The customer asked us to create a user interface for the changes in the content states.


We had to provide all the workflow participants (Drupal users that have different specific roles) with a handy graphical presentation of the content states and changes made to them, accompanied by email and graphical (UI) notifications. We studied the possibility of using the new core modules in Drupal 8 (Content Moderation and Workflows), but they did not fit into the previously created website’s architecture and business requirements.


To resolve this task in accordance with the website’s architecture and specific business requirements without using the Content Moderation and Workflows modules, our development team decided to create a custom Drupal 8 module from scratch.  


The website now has a user-friendly UI that displays the states of the investment product page content (Draft, Preview, Ready for Approval, Approved, Published, or Inactive). If there are any changes made, or if there is a need for an action like an approval, notifications are sent out to the relevant users by email. We have also created a handy modal window that shows the “after” and “before” versions so it’s clear what the exact changes are. 

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