UV Curing Lamp Manufacturer


Our customer is the owner of the Drupal e-commerce site that represents the leading high-tech manufacturers in the lamp industry. They are experienced in providing innovative OEMs and the ultimate customer service all over the world. Their team offers the best OEM-oriented and patent-protected solutions to meet your specific application. However, they needed their own custom, reusable controls — a new UserControl.


The task was to add the UserControl in the form of a ComboBox that would be used with a DatGridView and also on its own (possibly requiring two different controls). It will have a ValueMember, which will be bound, and DisplayMemeber, which will be visible once selected. The ComboBox should be filterable. When a user starts to type into the ComboBox, filterable columns should be detected and the list of available choices should be reduced to show only the matching rows. Besides this, we needed to set the number of characters typed before the filtering process begins so that a predefined amount of characters can be typed before any filtering of the results.


To solve many of these issues, .Net was chosen for the project. It is the easiest and reliable way to host the control which was also requested by our client.


We took into consideration the client’s preferences on the way to an optimal decision. As a result, User control offers the customer an easy way to partition and reuse common user interface (UI) functionality.

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