Bug fixing services for custom modules

Bug fixing services for custom Drupal modules

You expect your Drupal website to work smoothly, but suddenly discover bugs in it. Sounds familiar? Something does not work as expected, creates difficulties in user experience, or completely blocks the key functionality. One of the possible scenarios is that you will need bug fixing services for your custom Drupal modules. As our team offers Drupal maintenance, we want to discuss this topic.

Custom Drupal modules and bugs in them

Custom modules are ones developed specifically for your Drupal site. They are created when the existing 70+ core and 43000+ contributed modules do not cover the desired functionality. 

Custom modules will make your site work exactly as you wish. However, bugs can be found in them like in any other code. Moreover, the situation may be complicated due to some specific custom module problems. But, of course, they can easily be solved by a reliable Drupal support agency

Problems and solutions for bugs in custom Drupal modules

  • The module developer may be out of reach

When you face a bug in a custom module, you want to reach out to the developer who created it. Sometimes, they are already out of reach. For example, you worked with a freelancer and they disappeared without a trace — and that is one of the reasons to choose a development company over a freelancer

This problem can be solved by our support team — we often deal with the code written previously by others. 

  • The code quality may be poor

Unlike Drupal core and contributed modules, custom ones are not publicly exposed or reviewed by the Drupal community, do not receive feedback or help. They are fully the responsibility of their developers.

If the module was developed by an unscrupulous developer, they might have been in a hurry to complete your task and get money. This might have resulted in non-adherence to coding standards or jury-rigged solutions that break as soon as there are changes on the website. Code like this will be harder to maintain. 

But cleaning up messy code is our Drupal team’s area of expertise, so this problem will also be solved. 

  • Custom modules may be complex

As a rule, simple and standard cases are usually covered by core and contributed Drupal modules. Custom ones are created when there is no existing solution for the desired feature, or it does not fully reflect the customer’s idea. It means that they are rarely simple. It may be more difficult to fix a bug in a custom Drupal module.

We are not afraid of challenges — we love them! So bug fixes in complex custom modules can be easily entrusted to our Drupal developers

 Problems and solutions for bugs in custom Drupal modules

Bug fixing services for custom modules

Bug fixing services by WishDesk are meant to resolve the above mentioned problems and many others. We will help you discover and fix a bug in a custom Drupal module developed by others, no matter when, by who, and with what quality it was created. 

You can contact us:

  1. if you know or suppose there is a bug in a particular custom module
  2. if you have no idea where the bug lies.

Finding the exact reason for the bug and fixing it

It is always necessary to find the source of the bug for sure. Sometimes, customers think the bug is hidden in a certain module. For example, because its name is displayed in Drupal error logs, or the bug is clearly within its area of responsibility. 

However, this may not be as obvious as it seems. Drupal modules are tightly interrelated in their work. The errors displayed for one of them may be the result of a bug in another, which just sends incorrect data to it.

So the situation should be analyzed at large. Experience in bug fixing will help our support team find where exactly the problem lies. 

We start with reproducing a bug from your description. Here’s why it is always better to provide screenshots or even screencasts (videos).

We often need to see the Drupal error logs. Server logs are also very useful, especially if the website is unavailable due to an error. In many situations, if would be best if you give us access to code, so we could use debugging tools.

Depending on the investigation result, we will find a way to fix the bug. It may include fixing a logical error, cleaning up the messy code, and so on.

If the bug really lies in a core or contributed module, an update may be enough, because their maintainers often include bug fixes in new versions. Or we may write and apply patches. If the bug is in a custom one, we just fix the code directly.

Let us take care of bugs in your modules

We want your website and business reputation to be clean! Contact our Drupal team to get bug fixing services for custom Drupal modules or any others on your website.


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