How to Build a Website For Construction Company?

How to Build a Website For Construction Company?

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine a successful company with zero online presence. People usually look for services and products online. That’s why whatever industry or service user is looking for, they should be able to find it on Google and get straight to the company’s website.

Construction companies are no exception to this. They, too, need a reliable site with rich functionality and a good user customer experience.

Today, the WishDesk web development agency explains why a construction company needs a website and how to build one. Proceed to our article to discover why it is reasonable to invest in a platform for the construction industry and why free website builders are not the solution for a construction website.

Why should a Construction Company have a website?

Your business investments have to be effective and bring real value. The question that arises is whether a website can be beneficial for a construction company. To answer, let’s sort some things out.

Digital presence is a must for any business, as it is an integral part of business growth. More and more people are using search engines to look for goods and services they need. People also prefer to read about this or that company before ordering something from them. Your clients are no exception. They need to be able to find your construction company’s website to review your achievements, work, and testimonials.

3 main reasons to build a site for a construction company:

  1. Showcase your achievements
  2. Attract new clients
  3. Prove credibility
3 main reasons to build a site for a construction company

What should be included in a construction website?

1. Catalog of services and materials

This section is a catalog that describes all kinds of services and materials of your construction company. Here you should write what your company specializes in, how much its service costs, etc. Make this section interactive to keep users engaged.

2. Blog

Showcase the company’s expertise and achievements in the blog section of your construction website. Write blogs with useful tips and advice for your clients. For example, you can post blogs with information on how to prepare for construction or how to calculate the number of materials needed for construction. Share your experience and gain customers’ loyalty!

3. Calculator widget

Add a calculator widget to your construction website to let your clients check out prices for construction services and materials beforehand.

4. Client portals

Create client portals, so your clients can check on their project status, receive messages, and pay invoices related to their projects. This will make communication easier for both sides! By logging into your website, the client will be able to use some internal features, such as making an order, tracking jobs, messaging, etc.

5. Live chat

Provide the possibility of 24/7 support. People are busy nowadays, and they want to get answers immediately. This is possible via chatbot. The client can ask any question related to your services and get an instant reply. People are more likely to use your services if they get a quick consultation first.

The development team at WishDesk will gladly implement all-these must-have features to your construction website! Contact us 24/7.

Apart from adding these must-have features, we recommend paying special attention to website responsiveness, mobile web accessibility, website speed, and user-friendliness. Don’t forget about intuitive website navigation and accessible web design as well.

What should be included in a construction website?

How much does it cost to develop a website for a construction company?

Here, you can take a look at real numbers to understand how much a construction website development can cost.

How much does it cost to develop a website for a construction company?

Note, that site’s total price will differ based on the project’s complexity, set of features, and more. If you hire a whole team, then everything will be done quickly. If there is only one developer, this development can be delayed. The more functionality you want, the higher the cost may get. Besides, if you want to have some third-party integrations, you might need to pay for their subscription. If you already have a construction website, you might consider its website redesign or rebranding. This will cost less than developing something from scratch.

Build a Website For your Construction Company at Wishdesk

A digital presence is obligatory for every construction business. Building a reliable and informative website will raise brand awareness, boost sales, and increase clients’ credibility with your company.

If you still doubt whether you need a website for a construction company, WishDesk web development experts would recommend you should invest in one. Build a construction platform with WishDesk and see how the site pays for itself, as well as enjoy all its advantages and perks!


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