Effective Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Sales

Effective Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Sales

You own online business but are not quite satisfied with your sales. You have tried various tricks to increase customer engagement but all you received is higher traffic without conversions. Sounds familiar? We have a tip for you: pay more attention to your website content!

Today, the team at WishDesk explains how to boost sales using copywriting. Check it out!

Effective copywriting tips to boost your sales

Follow these easy copywriting tips to create more engaging content on your website and see how you boost sales!

1. Discover who is your audience

Before starting any online business, you should know exactly who your audience is. You need to discover as much about your customers as you can: age, nationality, interests, occupation, and more. Collect each piece of information in order to create a killer content strategy! This is vital if you want your message to be relevant.

When identifying your audience, include their goals and think of how your business can help them reach these goals. Then create content in a way to persuade your audience in the necessity of your products or services. Try to make the message as personal as you can.

Creating customers’ profiles will benefit you a lot in terms of personalized and effective content creation, as well as boost sales. This will help you convey your message more clearly.

customer profile

2. Create a content strategy

You cannot simply post content wherever you like on topics you have just discovered. If you want your copywriting to be successful you need to create a special content strategy in advance. If you want to tailor a message to the specific needs of specific people, you have to conduct deep research and create copywriting in a way to appeal to those needs. You also have to think about all means of communication, not just your website content. Consider social media, email, guest posting, and more. Don’t miss any opportunities to communicate with your audience.

You need to create a general content strategy for your business, including all sources of communication, if you want to boost sales. Generate outstanding content that appeals to what your customers want to see, and boost your sales by expanding your areas of communication with the customers.

3. Be compliant with AIDA

AIDA is a special model you should keep in mind to create powerful copywriting to boost sales.

A – Attention
I – Interest
D – Desire
A – Action

Attention: If you want to attract attention, focus on the creation of appealing headlines. If the headline is catchy, the chances that the person will click on it or continue reading are higher.

Interest: Trigger visitors interest by promising headlines. For one, you can mention one of the benefits of your product, which will make people learn more about it.

Desire: Build a desire and persuade the visitors that your products or services are just what they need. Use copywriting to describe how your business can make their life easier, more interesting, and so on. Describe the direct benefit of your product. Make people want to get your products or services with killer content!

Action: Create powerful call-to-action to persuade customers to take action and buy your products or order services.

Here are examples of good and bad copy. Take a closer look to create the content for your platform right!

Bad: This planner is convenient and nice. It has 365 pages and pictures inside. Order now.

Good: Do you always forget about your plans, meetings, interesting ideas, etc.? Do you like to keep everything in order and plan your days? Do you want to create a list of movies you want to see? Then, this planner is a solution! It is designed to offer you enough space for creating a detailed schedule for each day! It also includes pages to write such interesting information like movie lists, vacation plans, and more! Order it today with a 10% discount!

By following this AIDA model you’ll see that copywriting can be a powerful tool to boost sales!

4. Write appealing headlines

As it was already mentioned above, you need to create appealing headlines to make your visitors proceed with reading. Never use clickbait and don’t write information that doesn’t correspond to the copy. If you do, readers will be disappointed and will never come back to your platform.

bad vs good headline

5. Use copywriting and SEO side by side

When creating content for your website, you should keep SEO in mind, as both copywriting and SEO are related to each other. If you don’t optimize your content for search engines, it will be much harder for your customers to find your services in Google.

For one, you should use appropriate keywords in your content in order to make it easier for people to find your website through search engines. However, don’t make your content sound weird because of excessive keywords. Keep it smart! Use a keyword 7-10 times throughout one post, and vary the way you use it.

There are special services, such as LSI Graph, that will help you choose the right keywords.

6. Eliminate objections

Many people are afraid to buy products online. You should persuade them with the help of risk aversion in your content. Explain how your product can benefit people and resolve their problems. Think about why people might hesitate to order online and dispel their doubts using your copy as the tool to answer customers’ FAQs.

7. Create an appealing CTA

CTA stands for call-to-action. These are special buttons on your website that bring conversions: register, buy, subscribe, etc. If you want to increase your conversion rates and persuade visitors to proceed with certain actions, you should wisely choose CTA buttons.

call to action buttom

For example, write ‘Get a 10% discount right now’ instead of ‘Buy now.’ These will motivate customers to make a purchase.

Use these copywriting tips to boost your sales!

Hopefully, these copywriting tips will help you boost sales, as well as increase traffic to your website. Good luck!

You can also contact WishDesk specialists for content strategy creation or SEO services. 


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