Custom Website Design or WordPress Themes

Custom Website Design or WordPress Themes: Which is Better?

The eternal question that all WordPress site owners go through:

Choose Custom Website Design or WordPress Themes?

In today's blog, we will clear this up, and identify the pros and cons of each option.

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Why Does Your Design for WordPress Site Matter?

If up to this point you thought that the design of the site is not important, then we will have to disappoint you. Design is the first thing that visitors pay attention to.

A website without design, or with bad design, is like a house without interior decorating or a car with cheap technology. The difference will be immediately noticeable.

Good website design shows that you are serious about running and presenting your business. We can say that the design of the site reflects your status.

Top 3 reasons to invest in website design:

  • It creates the first impression of your business — which, hopefully, will be positive.
  • It gives you a chance to outrun your competitors. This means getting more customers.
  • It formulates your brand awareness. Your company will be recognized among thousands of others.
reasons to invest in website design

What are WordPress Themes?

Perhaps one of the main reasons for the popularity of WordPress CMS is that it offers over 7,780 free or partially free themes, called the WordPress template. They allow you to become the designer of your website.

Can I design my own website using WordPress?

Yes, you can try to install the WordPress theme on the site yourself. All you have to do is go to the official WordPress website, choose a suitable theme, and install it.

The main challenge is to choose a theme and install it properly, so as not to overload your site or harm it.

The pros and cons of using a WordPress themes

The pros of using a WordPress themes

1. Quick theme installation 

In order to install a ready-made WordPress theme, you just need a few minutes.

2. You can do it yourself

You only need minimal knowledge to install the theme yourself on your WordPress site.

3. Cost savings

You can try to do this without the help of professionals.

The cons of using a WordPress themes

1. Lack of uniqueness

Using a standard theme, you will not be able to stand out from the crowd.

2. Overloading of your site

Often a theme offers more features than you need and this can overload your site..

3. Lack of SEO optimization

Ready-made templates are not always SEO-optimized, which means that search engines won't find you.

4. No security guarantee

The ready-made template does not give you any security guarantees. It will be easier for hackers to break into your site.

5. Rare updates

More than half of WordPress templates are rarely updated.

6. Not responsive on different devices

A common problem with ready-made templates is the lack of responsiveness on different devices.

WordPress Themes is a really good option for small sites. But this is not an option for serious and large businesses. Think for yourself, will your site look attractive and form brand awareness with a standard WordPress theme? The answer is obvious.

What is a Custom WordPress Theme?

A Custom WordPress theme is a design created for your website from scratch. That is, you come up with how it should look, and a dedicated team of professional web developers will implement all your wishes.

Often a Custom WordPress theme is created for large businesses that know what they want and have a clear vision of the future product.

The pros and cons of using a Custom Website Design

Pros of Custom Website Design

1. Brand recognition

The unique design is remembered by users, which will play into your hands.

2. SEO optimized website

Creating a Custom WordPress Theme means your website will be well optimized for WordPress themes.

3. The adaptability of your site

Your site will be easy to change and upgrade.

4. Responsive for various devices

Since professionals are working on creating a website design, they take into account how the site will be displayed on different devices and adjust it.

5. The site will load faster

After setting up custom designs, your site will not be overloaded with unnecessary features, and the view will work better.

Cons of Custom Website Design

1. Longer implementation time

Creating a unique design takes more time to implement.

2. Project cost

Custom design is not free, as it is created uniquely for your project.

To be objective, Custom WordPress Theme is a design that takes into account all your wishes and gives you what you expect. Plus it will be unique. The only downside is you need to wait a little longer and spend more money.

Custom Website Design or WordPress Themes? What is better?

If you have to decide between сustom website design or WordPress themes, then we would advise you to take into account all the nuances before choosing. There is no doubt that both options have both advantages and disadvantages.

If you are serious about doing business, then сustom website design will be more convenient for you. If you are planning to create a small website, you can try WordPress themes. The choice is yours.

In any case, our web developers will be happy to help you. Contact Wisdesk the web development company to get professional assistance at an affordable price.


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