Custom WordPress theme design

Custom WordPress theme design for your website

They create the look and feel of sites, maintain brand identity, attract potential customers and provide them with great user experience. The heroes of this story are website themes. A good theme is one of the factors that helps any WordPress site compete with the top WordPress websites. That’s why the services of custom WordPress theme design are in demand with our WordPress team. Let’s discuss this in more details.

Why custom WordPress theme design?

Your website theme is much more than a just a collection of CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript files that define your site layout and user experience. It is also the face of your brand.

So your business will benefit greatly from a custom WordPress theme created specifically for your site. It will reflect your business ideas, be aesthetically user-friendly, and be easy-to-navigate.

  • We at WishDesk have professional graphics designers who create a unique look and feel for your theme from scratch before passing the project on to our WordPress developers.
  • Your custom theme will have only the elements you need, nothing less and nothing more, which is beneficial for website performance.
  • Your brand messages, custom calls-to-action, graphics, and content will be perfectly infused into your theme.
  • Your custom WordPress theme is highly extensible to meet your future new ideas.
  • Our WordPress developers can use modern frameworks like Redux, Themosis, Gantry, Thematic, Underscores, Thesis, Genesis, Bootstrap, and others to speed up the theme creation and save your budget and your time. If the architecture is too complicated, the theme is created manually from scratch without using frameworks.
  • Modern tools like CSS preprocessors, templates, HTML5, PHP7, and others help themes adhere to modern standards, have clean code, show high performance, and be responsive on mobile devices. They also make the development efficient.
  • In our custom WordPress theme design, we use the modern OOD (object-oriented design) methodology that significantly speeds up the workflows.
  • The theme will have all the design effects that you wish: all kinds of animation, Parallax effect, Glitch effect, liquid motion, 3D effect, cinemagraphs, and so on.
  • If you use or plan to use the latest WordPress version (WordPress 5.0), it is necessary that your theme is compatible with the innovative Gutenberg editor, and our team will take care of this.

Responsive WordPress theme design for all mobile devices

One of the most important points in custom WordPress theme design is responsiveness. If a theme is responsive, the layout elements self-adjust to the available space on all device screens — desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and so on. As a result, users can browse your website conveniently, and website performance also goes up.

wishdesk website

This is achieved by using CSS3 media queries. The media queries define the media types that affect media features. For example, the maximum width of an element to be displayed on a particular screen size.

Our WordPress team knows the best practices for responsive theming, so all audiences will enjoy working with your website. This will immediately be reflected in your conversions and SEO rankings.

Get an awesome custom WordPress theme!

It’s easy to start with custom Wordpress theme design — contact our WordPress experts. You may come with ready prototypes or ideas. You can tell us about your desired looks and features, or show a cool example on the Web — no matter whether it is WordPress or not. Your future custom WordPress theme is waiting!


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