Drupal and WordPress

Drupal and WordPress: why choose an agency that works with both CMSs

“Drupal or WordPress? That’s the question!” If websites existed in Hamlet’s times, the Danish Prince might have been worried about something like this. But the choice between Drupal or WordPress bothers the people of the 21st century, when it comes to deciding on the best site-building platform.

These two famous open-source PHP-based CMSs are considered rivals, each having a passionate army of supporters. Battles between these rivals can be seen everywhere on the Internet. However, don’t reach for the popcorn yet. The battle is cancelled — Drupal and WordPress can be friends! And you can greatly benefit from that.

This friendship is possible when web development teams specialize in both CMSs. See in what ways it can be useful to apply to an agency that works with Drupal and WordPress together.

Benefits of choosing an agency that specializes in both Drupal and WordPress

1. Unbiased advice and better comparison

Every cook praises their own broth. A Drupal-only or a Wordpress-only agency will always have a hundred arguments in favor of their platform.

But an agency that specializes in both will offer you an unbiased choice. Their experts can study your requirements and advise you on the platform that suits YOU, not them.

When choosing a CMS, you start with deciding on what features your site should have. Many features are possible to implement on both CMSs. Drupal developers will gladly do it on Drupal and WordPress developers on WordPress, mainly because they know how and have done it a thousand times.

However, a particular CMS often suits certain features better. They will be objectively cheaper or faster to create, as well as handier, more effective, or more innovative and so on. Depending on your priorities, an agency that works both with Drupal and WordPress will tell you which CMS choice might be luckier in your case.

The pricing differences between solutions within the same agency will also be easier for you to compare.

2. Easy migrations between CMS for more freedom in changes

If something in the current CMS does not fulfil a company’s needs, or if another CMS has very lucrative improvements that are more relevant for their business, they may decide to change the platform.

This is absolutely natural, because website owners should be completely happy with their sites. If they are not, migration is a perfect solution. So the migration services from Drupal to WordPress or from WordPress to Drupal are rather frequent.

These platforms differ in many ways, and these details deserve proper attention during the migration.

What can a WordPress-only or Drupal-only developer do when they are asked to do a migration? Each of them is theoretically able to read another CMS’s documentation and eventually complete the process properly.

However, if a company has both developers specializing in WordPress and developers specializing in Drupal, they can work in tandem. In this case, the migration time can reduce significantly, and process will be much smoother with all upcoming issues professionally addressed.

In addition, they might not try to convince you to stay with the CMS you do not like. Their opinion on that will be unbiased as well.

Final thoughts

Drupal and WordPress are just a bright example of how rivals can be friends when web agencies combine them.

WishDesk has experts in Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Laravel, and other platforms. Drop us a line and let’s choose your lucky CMS!


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