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Drupal Starshot Makes a Giant Leap Forward with Recipes

Drupal Starshot Makes a Giant Leap Forward with Recipes

On June 11th, an online meeting was held to discuss the update of the Recipes functionality within the Drupal Starshot initiative. Drupal Starshot is a new stage in developing Drupal as an incredible platform for creating robust digital solutions. Thanks to Recipes, Drupal will become even more accessible to non-developers. 

Recipes, the cornerstone of Drupal Starshot, are a game-changer. They are a collection of pre-configured settings that enable you to swiftly and effortlessly build specific functionalities on a Drupal-based website. Think of it as cooking a dish from a recipe. Instead of hunting for individual ingredients and deciphering how to blend them, you receive detailed instructions with all the necessary components and steps. Similarly, Drupal Recipes offers ready-made solutions for crafting various site elements, such as galleries, blogs, forums, or even entire site sections. This not only saves time and effort but also allows you to concentrate on content and design, rather than getting bogged down in technical setup. 

Recipes will allow site builders to quickly create websites with ready-to-use functionality without deep knowledge of Drupal. Unlike installation profiles, recipes do not bind the site forever and can be composed with each other. 

Recipes can be applied during Drupal installation through the installer, as well as at any time through the Project Browser. The Starshot team will define a basic set of recipes based on the best practices of experienced developers. And the community will be able to contribute to the creation of new "tasty" recipes. 

At its core, Drupal Starshot is all about making Drupal more accessible to a diverse group of site builders and business users. With the introduction of Recipes, they will gain the ability to create and develop their sites independently, using pre-built blocks of functionality. This significant shift in accessibility will not only empower our users but also pave the way for a new wave of Drupal enthusiasts. 

Drupal Starshot is currently under active development, and we at Wishdesk are closely following the process. We are looking forward to the official release of this initiative, as it promises to open up new opportunities for our clients. Recipes will simplify and speed up site development, allowing more focus on the business goals of projects. And the intuitive interface for site management will make our clients more independent and flexible. We are preparing to implement Drupal Starshot immediately after the release and will be happy to help you unlock the full power of the updated Drupal!