Easy content creation in Drupal 8

Easy content creation in Drupal 8: the latest & most powerful core features!

More engaged users, better search rankings, increased conversions, higher brand popularity… This wonderful list could go on, but there is something at the base of it — good content! When it comes to producing good content, your website should be your efficient helper. But it all depends on the CMS — and there is hardly a more content-loving one than Drupal 8! That’s why so many website owners want to move to Drupal 8. Our Drupal experts are ready to help you with it, as well as with configuring the content modules. Let’s now explore the core opportunities for easy content creation in Drupal 8.

Built-in features for easy content creation in Drupal 8

First of all, Drupal 8 has become a helpful friend for content marketers right out-of-box. It means that plenty of great ideas and useful add-on modules for easy content creation are now included in the core. Some of them just need to be enabled and configured, others are ready right away.

We are telling you about the newest features, so please keep in mind that some of them are only available as of Drupal 8.6.x. To catch up with them, you will need to update your website — and you can always count on our Drupal 8 support for that.

  • Handy content creation with CKEditor

Editors really enjoy using Drupal 8’s new built-in WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) content editor called CKEditor. Creating and editing content in Drupal 8 with it is easy because it has improved support for pasting from Word or Google Docs, cleaner markup, easy image adding, drag-and-drop features, the ability to the shape your toolbar with the buttons you need, and so on.

  • Inline content editing due to QuickEdit

With Drupal 8, there is no longer a need to go to the administrative dashboard to edit a typo in your article. With the Quick Edit module built into the Drupal core, you can see a little pencil next to the nodes and blocks while browsing your website as an admin. This pencil allows for inline editing without leaving the page.

  • Handy content workflows with Content Moderation

If you have content workflows, you can make the life of your staff much easier. Drupal 8’s Content Moderation in a duet with the Workflows Drupal module lets you streamline your content moderation processes. Your content will easily “travel” between the “Draft,” “Published,” “Archived” or any other state that you want. This novelty works beginning with Drupal 8.5.x.

  • Displaying content in any formats via Views

One of the greatest gifts for content marketers is the Views module built into Drupal 8 core. It allows them to create awesome collections of content right out-of-box. Your content can be presented in any format — a grid, a table, a list, and so on. It can be sorted and filtered according to your website’s needs. Advanced settings like contextual filters allow you to change the content display according to which user is now online, which node is being viewed, and so on. And you can always rely on our Drupal experts for any help.

  • Saving media in Media Library and adding it to content

Content comes alive when enriched with media. Beginning with Drupal 8.6.0, you can have an awesome library full of conveniently sorted media that you add — like videos, audios, images, or files. It is available on the Media subtab of Content.

Saving media in Media Library and adding it to content


You can decide which media you want to add to the content, and then add it with the snap of your fingers. All you need for that is to have the Media field added to the desired content type.

  • Adding remote videos to content with oEmbed

You can make your content more interactive and convincing with videos. There is an awesome oEmbed feature that appeared in Drupal 8.6.0, which is the ability to let videos play inside your content. They are added with one click — your editor will only need an URL from YouTube or Vimeo. When it comes to settings, you need a Media field for your content type configured as Remote Video. With this done, videos will be available for adding from the Media Library during content creation.

Adding remote videos to content
  • Publishing tons of content immediately with Workspaces

Especially if you have plenty of content items, you will appreciate the ability to quickly move the changes from “Stage” to “Live.” Yes, this resembles the way web developers work. They usually transfer their changes between their working environments as long as these are ready.

Now you can do similar things with your content within your Drupal interface. Just switch between the “Stage,” “Live,” or any other custom created environments. This is what the experimental module Workspaces in Drupal 8.6.x offers.

  • Easy marketing integrations thanks to core web services

When it comes to content management and marketing, you will definitely love our helpful business software. This could be software for marketing automation, analytics, email marketing, and so on. Drupal 8 has core web services that facilitate third-party integration. For particular third-party software, there are also contributed Drupal 8 modules. For example, we have recently integrated a client’s site with Mailchimp, and the customer was very happy with the successful email campaigns afterwards.

  • Creating a layout for your content with Layout Builder

Your content can be presented with the exact look you want with the Layout Builder. After enabling the Layout Builder Drupal module, you will can use it for any content type by clicking the “Manage Layout” button. Content editors can select multi-column layouts and add blocks to them. It’s like playing with Legos! If you wish, any content item can have an individual layout. It became available in Drupal 8.5.x, and in Drupal 8.6.x it became more improved. Contact us for help in settings whenever you need it!

  • Content translation via the multilingual modules

You can easily reach out to customers in different countries with multilingual content. Languages can easily be added to your site, and you can configure which content should have translation options. Our Drupal experts are ready to provide you with any help if needed. Your content editors then will find it very easy to add translations to content nodes. All this is due to Drupal 8’s four new multilingual modules: Language, Interface Translation, Configuration Translation, and Content Translation. They are among the best of Drupal 8’s benefits.

Enjoy the features for easy content creation in Drupal 8!

This is an overview of Drupal 8’s core content creation features. In addition to this, there is an ocean of add-on contributed modules ready to give you even more.

Contact our Drupal experts if you need:

  • help in configuring Drupal 8 core content modules or selecting add-on ones
  • a consultation on their use
  • website upgrades to Drupal 8
  • website upgrades to Drupal 8.6.x (or other latest version for the moment of reading)

Enjoy easy content creation in Drupal 8 — and let it bring fruitful results to your business!


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