Company vs Freelance for Web Development

Company vs Freelance for Web Development: Which is Better for Web Design?

The main task facing the head of any company is to increase its efficiency. In the modern world, it's difficult to get results without creating a website on the Internet. Who can be entrusted with such a responsible task — freelancer or a web development company?

Website development services and where to get them

Every businessman seeks to get a high-quality product for a reasonable price. Today, website development services are offered both by web development companies and freelancers working on their own.

Many customers prefer to work with freelancers for website development. This is not surprising, because they are attracted by the low costs of their work. To find the right candidate, you can visit specialized freelance websites. Among the freelancers, you can find both novice students and experienced professionals whose work is as good a that of reputable web development companies. But when deciding where to have your website built, it's important to remember the significant drawbacks of this solution. These include:

  • No contract. Usually, few freelancers agree to sign one. Without a document, you may get the results that do not meet the specified requirements and are not delivered on time. So you are restricted in your ability to effectively protect your rights when cooperating with a freelancer.
  • A chance that the performer disappears. When ordering a website from an unknown specialist and making a prepayment, do not forget that they may suddenly cease to contact you. When choosing a freelancer, pay attention to their portfolio, impeccable reputation and feedback on the tasks completed.
  • Different functions performed by the same specialist. If you ponder where to get your website created and eventually decide to give this task to a freelancer, remember that this person will be the developer, the designer, and the promotion specialist at the same time. Of course, you cannot expect the highest quality of work in this case.

The benefits of cooperating with a web development company

No matter how skilled an expert is, most people can only be an expert in one area. It is difficult for the designer to cope with development work, while the developer does not know the details of website promotion. So it’s impossible to avoid weaknesses in the project.

That is why, when choosing where to have your website developed, it’s better to work with reputable web development companies. Their competitive advantages are represented by:

  • An official contract. The contract guarantees the high quality of work to the customer and the payment to the performer.
  • Strict observance of the project timelines agreed by the contract. Thanks to this, you will receive timely results without delays caused by either valid or notvalid reasons, which are typical of cooperation with freelancers for website development.
  • Support after the project’s delivery. By working with web studio experts, you can be sure that achieving the project’s goals is their primary interest. If you need website maintenance service in the future, they would be ready to answer any questions and solve any issues.
  • Large teams of experts that include dedicated developers, designers, marketing, SEO, and contextual advertising specialists. Each of them is engaged in doing exclusively their own part of the project. If your website is developed by a web studio, the developer will be responsible only for the software part, the designer for the website’s design, the advertising experts for the ads, the marketing specialists for the beneficial positioning of blocks on the pages, etc.

So the best solution for businesses is to cooperate with a web development company. Its specialists work together for a long time, which means that they know their colleagues’ requirements and are able to easily discuss and solve the issues that arise. By entrusting your website development to a good web studio, you can have a 100% probability of achieving noticeable success and bringing your business to the next level.

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If you expect a fast and high-quality result free of charge, you’ll never get it. The optimal value for money allows you to calculate your budget and specify all the options with the website development company. So, before jumping into a risky project, evaluate your capabilities. Make sure you have enough money to fix it or do it all over again.

Company vs Freelance for Web Development



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