GDPR cookie compliance in WordPress

Providing GDPR cookie compliance for WordPress

The introduction of GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, made a great splash in the World Wide Web. In order to not be fined, businesses hurried to become GDPR compliant. It was about more than fines — the company’s ability to respect user privacy laws is vital for its reputation and customer satisfaction

GDPR embraced various aspects of the website’s interaction with the user. One of them is the use of cookies. Today, we focus on the GDPR cookie compliance and how it can be provided on a WordPress website by means of a helpful WordPress plugin.

First, what are cookies?

In the digital world, the tasty word “cookies” is defined as small pieces of data that a website sends to be stored in a user’s browser. Cookies are used remembering user information and providing more personalized experiences.

Of course, this can be associated with privacy intrusion as well, so let’s see how the new data protection regulations treat cookies.

GDPR and cookies: what is required from websites

When it comes to regulations regarding cookies, they are shared between the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive (EPD), also referred to as the “cookie law.” The newer GDPR has not overridden the older’s EPD action, they simply complement each other. So here is briefly what is required from websites:

  • Users should give their consent to the cookie use before your website uses them, except for the strictly necessary cookies.
  • You should have a cookie policy that clearly describes what data your cookies are tracking.
  • You should provide users with the option to easily withdraw cookie consent and make sure the previously collected data is deleted.
  • Users should be allowed to access your services even if they refuse some cookies.
  • You should be able to prove that the user’s consent was received (even if they later withdrew it).
  • It is necessary to clearly state all categories and purposes of third-party cookies.

The GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin for WordPress websites

Websites built on CMSs always have useful add-on plugins that respond to the needs of time and help implement the required things more easily. Of course, there are many GDPR compliance plugins for WordPress websites.

We will now take a look at one of them — the GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin for WordPress. It is an easy-to-use plugin that helps you make your website ready for the GDPR regulations with respect to cookies.

GDPR cookie compliance plugin for WordPress

Since its release it 2018, the plugin has gained 80,000+ active installations. The development team is very active and carefully addresses all issues.

The plugin allows you to provide your users with full control over the cookies stored in their browser, including the option to revoke permission.

By default, the cookies are disabled for a first-time user, so the plugin will show the Cookie Consent Banner to them, which can be customized according to your preferences.

There is also the cookie setting dashboard where you can enable/disable particular cookies and configure their options.

Key features of the GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin’s free version:

  • an intuitive interface with the choice between two unique layouts
  • all the cookie settings in one handy dashboard
  • great customization options for colors, fonts, logo, and text
  • the choice of the Cookie Banner position on the page
  • the flexibility to decide which scripts to load by default or after the user’s consent
  • a link to Privacy Policy page included
  • sleek animation
  • the floating button that follows the user across the site and allows them to quickly change the cookie settings
  • compatibility with multilingual WordPress plugins such as WPML, qTranslate, WP Multilang, and Polylang

and more.

Settings of GDPR cookie compliance WordPress plugin

Key features of the GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin’s premium version:

  • full-screen layout for the Cookie Banner
  • the ability to import and export the settings
  • the option to use the same settings throughout your multisite setup
  • the “accept on scroll” feature that means the user’s consent is received as they scroll down the page
  • useful statistics and charts as to your user’s behavior regarding your cookies
  • the geolocation feature to only display the cookie banner to the users from the European Union
  • the option to hide the Cookie Banner on the selected pages
  • the iFrame Blocker lets you block users that use third-party resources until they accept cookies
Settings of GDPR cookie compliance WordPress plugin

Make your WordPress site GDPR compliant easily

An important notice at the plugin’s page reminds everyone about a pretty obvious fact. The plugin does not make your website GDPR compliant — it’s your responsibility to make sure all requirements are met.

Remember, a useful plugin is only effective in experienced hands. So don’t hesitate to send a task to our developers if you need help installing and configuring the plugin.

GDPR cookie compliance is just a part of the privacy regulations. Contact our development team to make your WordPress website is fully GDPR compliant!


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