Website personalization in healthcare industry

Website personalization in healthcare industry

Gone are the days when websites showed exactly the same content to all users. To significantly increase customer satisfaction and boost conversions, the big minds of the Web invented content personalization. Today, we will look at what personalization gives you, why it is especially important for the healthcare industry, and the ways it can be applied to a healthcare website.

Website personalization: essence and benefits

The essence of website personalization is showing different content to different users based on their interests, preferences, settings, or other details that are implicitly tracked or explicitly submitted by them.

Thanks to personalization, users are more efficiently guided through the website to the relevant next steps. They quickly find what they want and are more likely to make a conversion. Users also stay more loyal to your brand.

Personalization importance for healthcare sites

In addition to the general benefits, content personalization in the healthcare industry is especially relevant for a number of specific reasons.

Often, healthcare site visitors cannot afford to waste their precious time on lengthy navigation. Sometimes it can even be urgent.

Some patients physically cannot browse the Web for too long, so they will appreciate the quick delivery of the content they need.

Irrelevant offers, a common problem on the Web, can look especially irritating on healthcare websites.

Ads on specific disease treatment do not have to be shown to all users, because they may be discouraging. For example, expecting mothers who are coming to find a pregnancy diet should be spared that.

Just like patients expect the doctor to remember their case history so they do not have to tell it again and again on subsequent visits, they expect your website to remember and recognize them. This is care in action!

Tips on healthcare website personalization

For successful personalization, you can take into account data like:

  • geographical location
  • gender
  • age
  • pages visited
  • ads or email campaigns clicked
  • keywords searched for
  • events registered for
  • forms completed
  • online appointments made

and more.

On the basis of all this, healthcare site visitors can be offered relevant patient stories, health seminars, health screenings, appointment calendars, personalized greetings, offers to order medical services or see a doctor, and so on.

Depending on their geographical location, you can offer them only location-specific content, so they do not need to browse the whole website to find the services, clinics, doctors, seminars, and more in their proximity.

User personas

Analysing the user’s behaviour, you can also define a couple of user personas on your website. User personas are prototypes of your users, or fictional character with specific needs and goals (example — a pregnancy-planning woman). You can cater all your relevant content to this user persona. In addition, she may later transform into another user persona — like a young mother who will need child care content.

Explicit categorization

Immediately from the main page you can ask your users to select the category of their interests or their role (patient, doctor, hospital staff member, etc.). Once they click on a particular category they are directed to the part of your website with specific content.

The ethic part of personalization

Personalization and privacy always have a thin line between them. In the healthcare industry, it is especially noticeable. Users need to feel your care, not your intrusion.

It goes without saying that the details shared during, for example, a virtual consultation with a doctor can never be subject to content personalization.

It addition, while personalizing your website, you should never forget about user privacy regulations like GDPR.

Final thoughts

Help you users be healthy and fit with relevant and personalized offers! For professional content personalization on your healthcare website, just contact our web development company.


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