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Why a responsive theme is so important to your web strategy?

In the mobile-first era, responsive design is important. If you are a successful web developer, you understand exactly what we are talking about. What if you are not from the web designing background? In that case, you may be wondering what this means, whether your business should integrate this web strategy or not, and what Drupal themes to use for responsive design.

Today, the team at WishDesk explains what a responsive theme is and highlights the importance of responsive design. Check it out!

The concept of responsive themes design

In simple words, responsive themes are more of a shrunken version of desktop sites that fit any screen size, including your smartphones, tablet or iPad. You just need to tap on the screen to zoom in and zoom out on the screen to get the information you need. This is thanks to the technology that makes your site mobile friendly and improves the way it looks on multiple screen sizes.

An increasing number of people turn to their smartphones not just for making calls but also for browsing news, shopping and other websites of interest. That’s why a successful website needs to have responsive design. No matter how beautifully your website is designed, you will still miss a large segment  of users if you are not ready to adopt a responsive theme. Also, responsive themes are more engaging, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly and are the new standard for maintaining an online presence.

Facts about the importance of a responsive theme website

  • 61% consumers likely to purchase from mobile-friendly sites.
  • Over 53% of all website traffic comes from people using a responsive site.
Over 53% of all website traffic comes from people using a responsive site.
  • 94% of people build your brand image after browsing your mobile website.
  • Over half of total eCommerce revenue is generated from mobile-friendly sites.
  • As mobile phones make up more than half of the Web traffic, mobile friendly sites can convert more of the traffic to the leads than the non responsive websites.
mobile friendly sites can convert more of the traffic

Why is a responsive theme an important element for your website?

Recently the increasing popularity of the responsive theme has left many enterprises in a dilemma, which is why it has become so important to develop a mobile-friendly website.

As per the launch of the Mobile-first rule, Google started blacklisting websites which are not mobile-friendly. Besides, Google prefers to rank only those sites on SERPs which have a responsive theme and fit multiple screens.

Let’s dig deep into the importance of responsive themes. We’ll also help you understand the advantages of using a responsive theme web strategy:

1. Responsive Themes Gets Higher Conversion Rates

Are you facing high bounce rates with your website?

Google notes two significant reasons for lower conversion rates: first, if your web page load time is higher than the ideal time (3 to 4 seconds), and secondly if your site is not mobile-friendly. And if it is the second reason, then you are losing a large segment of your potential users.

According to one survey, more than 70% of consumers use smartphones to browse different products online and 67% of them are likely to be converted if they enjoy navigating your site. This ultimately means that by providing an optimal and seamless user experience to your consumers, you can get more conversions with a responsive site.

2. Responsive Themes Are Simpler and Easier to Maintain

The client finds maintaining and managing two different sites for their venture with different content will add-on extra work to their task. Also, it requires separate testing and support to run efficiently and smoothly.

Secondly, having two separate desktop websites required two different admin interface, content, design and team to handle the functionality. In short, you need to do everything right  twice — from preparing PPC campaigns to regular maintenance. In contrast, with the responsive theme "one size fits all" and you minimize the need for a lot of maintenance.

3. Enhanced SEO

Google Gives First Priority to Responsive Themes!

Responsive sites are Google's favourite because it cuts down the scope of creating two copies of the same website, a different site for mobile version and different for the desktop version.

Furthermore, having a single website for both desktop and mobile prevents you from running duplicate content on the web. And Google loves to rank those websites on search engines that follow Google's rules. It helps you publish the same content on mobile and desktop without creating duplicate content.

4. Improved User Experience

In the digital world, Content may be the king but, what if users are not able to access it with ease?

No matter how beautifully you have designed your website and how creative the content is you have stuffed into the site, if the user is still pinching, stretching or tapping on the screen to access information during the first visit on your site, they will quickly leave.

In this highly competitive market, where every business is trying hard to impress the customer in multiple ways, it is tough to capture a user with just a desktop site. Keep in mind that the first impression can be the last impression, so make sure whether consumer browses a desktop site or a mobile site, they leave with a positive impact.

5. Increase Traffic And User Engagement

Did you release how quickly the internet browsing trends have been revolutionized in the last few decades?

With the increasing usage of smartphones, half of all internet traffic is generated from mobile devices. According to one survey, people spend 4 hours a day on smartphone browsing websites and applications for multiple purposes. So start investigating, with the help of a Wordpress consultant, how you can implement a responsive design and enhance the traffic on your website.

Once your website becomes a mobile-friendly, you will notice a rapid increase in mobile visits and longer stays by these users.

Get a responsive theme design today!

Hopefully you now understand why responsive theme design is important and how it helps you to stay ahead in a competitive market. Not only does it help your website look great but also lifts the user experience, conversion rate, improves SEO, and eliminates the risk of duplicate content penalty. Responsive website design can help you reach a large segment of consumers and allow you to enhance brand visibility.

Get a responsive theme design from WishDesk web designers and see how your business grows!


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