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Latest News from the Drupal Starshot AMA Call, June 20, 2024

Drupal Starshot AMA Call

Wishdesk, a Drupal development agency specializing in developing and supporting Drupal websites, closely follows the news and progress of the Drupal Starshot project. On June 20, the latest Drupal Starshot AMA call occurred, where Drupal developers discussed important issues and plans.

Key Points from the Drupal Starshot AMA Call

  1. Starshot Work Tracks:
    • Installation Process: The Drupal Starshot team is actively improving the installation process, including UX and technical aspects. Pam published the work tracks, including defining leadership and supporting these directions.
    • Leadership and Support: Identifying leaders for each direction and developing a support strategy for these tracks.
    • Ideas and Discussions: Discuss ideas and proposals for future improvements in Drupal website development.
  2. Installer Challenges: The Drupal Starshot team was surprised by the amount of attention the installer needs to achieve Starshot's mission. The main challenges include:
    • UX Aspects: The need to create a convenient and intuitive installer.
    • Technical Requirements: Ensuring the technical stability and reliability of the installation process. Integrating WebAssembly to run Drupal in the browser without local installation is necessary.
  3. Dev Days: Next week, some members of the Drupal Starshot team will be at Dev Days, where they will present various sessions and distribute souvenirs. Souvenirs will include:
    • Lego kits with various building recipes.
    • Starshot stickers.
    • Drupal 11 stickers.
    • Participants will also be able to attend sessions on the project's new Starshot navigation model and AI usage.
  4. Research and Webinars: Christina reported on the Experience Builder webinar and the creation of videos explaining the architecture of this tool. A new Slack channel, Starshot UX Marketing, has also been opened to discuss marketing and UX issues. Everyone interested in Drupal website development is invited to join the discussions and help.
  5. Configuration Management and Development Workflows:
    • Configuration Synchronization: Discussed the possibility of using traditional workflows for large projects and a new workflow for smaller projects where all configurations are done in production. This includes automatic configuration export and integration with Git repositories.
    • Automatic Updates: The possibility of automatic configuration export and integration with Git repositories was considered. They used the Package API for automatic updates and interaction with Project Browser.
    • Export Processes: Methods for exporting sites from a WebAssembly container to hosting platforms to simplify hosting were discussed. This includes the potential creation of an API to export sites directly to Drupal Association hosting partners.
  6. Questions from Participants:
    • Workflow Post-Experimentation: Participants were interested in the path from experimentation to production. The host explained that the Drupal Starshot team is working on a solution that allows the site to be exported from a WebAssembly container to hosting platforms.
    • User Interviews: The host discussed interviewing users of Drupal and other systems, such as WordPress and Webflow, to understand their needs and potential improvements.
    • Starshot Packaging: Discussed the possibility of creating a Starshot package that would be easy for hobbyists and students. They plan to use Composer to make such packages with automatic updates via Project Browser.
  7. Starshot Slogan Options: Participants of the call discussed possible slogans for Drupal Starshot. The most popular were:
    • Starshot for the next generation of web builders everywhere"
    • "It's not rocket science anymore"
    • "Back to its roots and into the future"
    • "Launching your vision beyond limits"
    • "Igniting ambitious websites"
    • "Propel your site to the cosmos where dreams orbit success"

Wishdesk, as a leading Drupal development agency, continues to follow the development of Drupal Starshot and is ready to use the latest developments and technologies to improve its Drupal development services and support its clients.

Stay tuned for more updates on Drupal Starshot and its implications for Drupal developers and agencies. While these developments are shaping Drupal's future, our agency is ready to meet your current needs. If you require immediate Drupal website development or support services, don't hesitate to contact our expert Drupal team today.