Types of monitoring in DevOps

Types of monitoring in DevOps: what we monitor while you sleep

An interesting topic for today is the types of DevOps monitoring. By monitoring your system, DevOps services providers guard of your good night’s sleep and your business reputation.

DevOps experts keep their fingers on the pulse of your system’s health, and promptly react when thresholds for important values are reached. For this, they are equipped with helpful logs, graphs, alerts, and more. Though their work is supported by reliable monitoring tools, they know that nothing can replace human expertise, watchfulness, and prompt reactions to issues.

To many, monitoring in DevOps is synonymous with uptime monitoring. However, it is much more complex. So let’s outline a few types of monitoring in DevOps to see what exactly DevOps guys monitor.

Monitoring types in DevOps

  • System performance monitoring

Definitely, when describing types of monitoring in DevOps, we will start with system performance monitoring. DevOps experts carefully monitor all the aspects that can influence your system performance, such as CPU utilization, free memory (RAM), disk space used, network utilization, and more.

  • Hardware health monitoring

Next on the list of monitoring types is hardware health monitoring. Just like your brain relies on your body, hardware health is indispensable for your system’s work. So things like HDD health (RAID state, SMART values), CPU temperature, and others are regularly checked.

  • Service monitoring 

An important mission for DevOps is monitoring the availability and performance of services (Mail, FTP, Database, and more). They also check web server processes, web server states, and so on.

  • System security control and audit

In many cases, viruses or malware are the reason for poor performance or complete system failure. So DevOps regularly checks files for malware and possible network attacks. In their work, they use firewalls and application level detectors (Fail2ban, Apache ModSecurity, and so on).

  • Third-party integration monitoring

In the era of third-party integration, it is necessary to outline API monitoring. DevOps experts check API availability and performance, so your system can smoothly cooperate with third-party systems.

Final thoughts

This is just a glimpse at types of monitoring in DevOps. In our DevOps department here at WIshDesk, the work is always humming. Even servers respect and obey our serious and experienced DevOps engineers!

We also have our hosting service, DrupalHarbour, which belongs to our parent company — InternetDevels. On guard of smooth monitoring are reliable tools, the main of which is Zabbix monitoring system.

Drop us a line right now and let’s discuss in more details how monitoring services by our DevOps team can be helpful to you!


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