Hot technology trends

Hot technology trends

Technology is constantly evolving, and things that were hard to imagine even 5 years ago are a reality now. It is important for businesses to keep up with every change in order to stay ahead. Along with new technology trends, new benefits and opportunities appear on the horizon!

Here, the web development team at WishDesk discusses the 10 most promising technologies you should pay close attention to in the next decade.

What is a technological trend?

Technology is constantly evolving to meet the demanding needs of society. This means that there are constant changes in trends. Things, that were technological breakthroughs only a few years ago, are now a regular thing to all of us. Instead, new tech trends that can blow your mind have appeared. Who knows, maybe next year extended reality or AI will be a common thing to each Internet user.

How technology helps us in our daily lives

It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without technology. We use gadgets to order food, read the news, communicate with others, entertain ourselves, and more. We store all the digital information in the cloud. We study and learn new things without entering university. We can check the weather, track our health condition, and more due to the development of technology. The list of tech benefits is eternal. 

What are the latest trends in technology?

Here is our choice of top tech trends!

Hot technology trends

Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR) refers to:

  • virtual reality (VR)
  • augmented reality (AR)
  • mixed reality (MR)

This will extend the role of devices as the basis for smart spaces and will move key applications and services closer to the people and devices that use them.

VR is a full immersion into a digital environment where the user is able to interact with digital objects using special equipment.

AR only provides an interactive experience by enhancing real-world objects with computer-generated perceptual information you can interact with through mobile devices, tablets, etc.

MR merges real-world and virtual experiences where digital and physical objects can co-exist.


Chatbots have already proved their usefulness to businesses. A chatbot is a computer program or artificial intelligence (AI) designed to hold a conversation with human users. It is a crucial element of any successful online platform that requires interaction with customers. And the chatbot technology will evolve during the next decade to make all the processes automated.

Contact WishDesk specialist to get a chatbot for your website to keep up with tech trends.

Artificial Intelligence

The term “Artificial Intelligence” is already familiar to many people, as this technology continues to surprise us by simulating human intelligence processes, including learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

AI will become an integral part of any digital strategy. AI technologies, together with machine learning and other cognitive tools, will lead to hyper-automation — which is discussed below in this post.

Expect a bunch of new AI services in the next decade!

Personal Profiling

Profiling consumers is a hot trend, as more and more businesses become customer-oriented. Data analytics try to determine how users behave online and what they actually need. Then, companies integrate and adapt to an individual’s preference for the latest technology.

Voice Search Optimization

According to statistics, more and more people are using voice search instead of typing. The speech recognition technology analyzes what they say with high precision. The answer is also delivered to them by voice. The AI (artificial intelligence) techniques understand the user’s intent, consider their previous queries and get smarter every day. That’s why website voice search optimization is crucial for business success.

Contact WishDesk to optimize your website for voice search.


Hyperautomation is the automation of processes with the help of advanced technologies, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). This approach makes the automation process more beneficial than traditional automation capabilities. Hyperautomation requires a combination of special tools, including process intelligence, AI, and other breakthrough technologies.


We are going to witness a huge shift from a traditional two-dimensional screen and keyboard interface to an interactive multi-modal interface. Multi-experience includes the usage of such technologies as virtual reality, augmented reality, sensing technologies, mixed reality, and more. The way people perceive the digital world is going to change. Over the next few years, this technology trend will become an ambient experience.

Distributed Cloud

Cloud storage is already a tech trend. The next step that is going to come into play is a distributed cloud system. This means that the cloud will expand its territory and distribute public cloud services to different locations.

Distributed cloud technology still needs a lot of work. However, we expect that many companies are ready to use their service subsets in a distributed way.

Edge Computing

As businesses begin to focus on efficiency, edge computing is another technology trend.

Edge computing brings data storage and computation closer to the target, which helps to ameliorate the response times and save bandwidth. Edge computing is powered by the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT). This will help move key applications and services closer to the people and devices that use them.


DARQ stands for Distributed ledger technology (such as blockchain), Artificial intelligence, Extended reality (virtual + augmented) and Quantum computing. Together, they form a future technology trend that should become a priority for businesses.

You can always rely on the WishDesk support agency to implement the latest technology trends into your website!


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