New WordPress 5.6 May Break Sites on December 2020

Your WordPress 5.6 site May Break in December 2020! What should you know about jQuery Change?

In less than a month, WordPress is releasing a new WordPress 5.6 update. This means that significant changes are underway!

The primary issue is that your site may break. 

Why might this happen, and how can I fix it?

Read this blog to find the answers to these questions. Below, you will find more information and tips from our web developers about WordPress 5.6 updates.

What should we expect from the WordPress 5.6 update?

Back in June of this year, developer Andrew Ozz announced some changes, and updates to the WordPress sites are planned.

To make your WordPress site work better and make sure the site itself is more modernized, the development team launched a planned campaign to update WordPress, CMS code and add the safest version of jQuery.

The entire WordPress update process will take place in 3 phases:

Phase 1: the release of WordPress 5.5 (already happened)

Update: removing the jQuery Migrate 1.x script.

Phase 2: the release of WordPress 5.6 (coming December 2020)

Update: updating to the latest jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Migrate scripts.

Phase 3: the release of WordPress 5.7

Update: removing the jQuery Migrate script at all.

The entire WordPress update process will take place in 3 phases

Why did WordPress 5.5 break websites?

The first part of the updates has already taken place in August 2020. After the launch of WP 5.5, more than millions of websites just stopped working completely or partially.

The fact that the jQuery library will be removed from WP 5.5 was announced in advance, but not all the theme and plugin developers had been updated. As a result, many sites have suffered.

Later, in order to somehow fix the situation and restore access for millions of site owners, WordPress released a plugin called, Enable jQuery Migrate Helper. It became a so-called lifesaver, as it returned everything to its place and restored all the broken sites.

Might WordPress 5.6 break your sites?

WordPress 5.6 might break my site? You may be asking yourself this question now, especially as  WordPress 5.6 is slated to launch in December 2020.

This will be the second phase of the upgrade by updating the jQuery Migrate library. Those who think that the already mentioned Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin will save them are wrong. 

It will not work this time. The official source confirms it —

Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin author

Your only hope now is that your plugins and themes are updated and ready for the latest jQuery version. Site owners that use un-updated themes and plugins will undoubtedly suffer.

Save your WordPress 5.6 site from breaking in December with the Wishdesk web development agency!

WordPress updating to version 5.6 is a necessary thing for the site to function correctly and safely. The only thing you need to do is prepare for the updates.

This time, the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin won't help you in any way. For your site not to break after the release of new updates, you need to use those plugins and themes that meet the requirements. All other plugins and themes will no longer work.

If you doubt that all your plugins and themes meet the new requirements, contact the web development agency. We will find a solution to your problem and fix it quickly!


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