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Registration Confirm Email Address: simple module for Drupal

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We love to say that Drupal has modules for absolutely everything. Some modules are simple but still important because they cover specific details in the website’s work. They are like the missing pieces of the puzzle that makes your website more user-friendly, secure, reliable, and so on. One of them is Registration Confirm Email Address, which that we will describe today.

What is the Registration Confirm Email Address module for?

The Registration Confirm Email Address module is meant to create an extra field in the user registration form. As you might have guessed, this field asks users to confirm their email address during registration. They type the address twice, so they are protected against a misspelling or other error.

email confirmation field

Everyone’s happy — the users are not missing out on important emails, and the marketers are happy twice! ;) However, it’s much more than about marketing, because correct email addresses can be really crucial in different scenarios. They might need to manage their user cabinet, keep track of orders, and so on.

Who created the module?

We are happy to say that our Drupal developer knyshuk.vova is the co-owner of the Registration Confirm Email Address module. Together with the owner montesajudy, they have made it easy to confirm email addressess on Drupal websites.

Our parent company InternetDevels and our country’s Drupal Ukraine Community are listed as supporting organizations for the Drupal 8 branch of the module.

What makes the module special?

The Registration Confirm Email Address Drupal module extracts the email confirmation feature from another module — LoginToboggan. The latter is a complex module that offers numerous modifications to the Drupal login system.

However, if you only need the feature to confirm email address, you can install the Registration Confirm Email Address module instead of using the complex LoginToboggan module.

Having only the features you need, nothing less and nothing more, is good for usability and does not overload your Drupal website.

A closer look at the module’s work

1. Enabling the module

First, we install the module and enable it on the Drupal website.

enabling registration confirm email address drupal module

2. Enabling the option to confirm email address

After the module is enabled, we can select to use its functionality at admin/config/people/accounts. Under the “Confirm email address”, you need to check "Use two e-mail fields on registration form."

enabling option to confirm email address on drupal website

3. Creating test user accounts

When it’s configured, we can test the result by trying to create a Drupal website user account. As we see, the registration form now requires the user to retype the email address field. It says “Please retype your email address to confirm it is accurate.”

confirm email address field on drupal user registration form

Use the desired registration features on your website

Our Drupal developers are ready to help you install and configure the Registration Confirm Email Address module on your website, or select other modules in this sphere. If there is no desired module available, we will create a custom one for you that will work exactly as you wish.

Let your website’s registration process fully reflect your requirements, and make you and your users happy. It’s easy with our Drupal team!