Server status audit services

Server status audit services by WishDesk

A thorough look and comprehensive review from third-party experts is often the key to the efficiency, reliability, and security of software or equipment. This has a direct impact on the business, that’s why various kinds of audits are incredibly popular services. They are usually offered by good website support companies like WishDesk. The list includes website performance audit, website security audit, SEO audit, IT infrastructure audit that we recently described, and plenty of others. Today, we would like to focus on the server status audit services performed by our DevOps team. Let’s see what server status audit includes.

A glimpse at server status audit services

Status audit services by WishDesk are especially suited for big clients who have a whole infrastructure in the “cloud” — over 6-10 servers.

However, these do not necessarily have to be servers with websites hosted on them — these can be virtual offices or various kinds of corporate software.

Even if you have only one server, this service is also for you — you must be sure that it is properly configured and protected.

Steps for server status audit

  • During server status audit, we do the comprehensive analysis on the working condition of servers and services.
  • After that, we provide the customer with a detailed report. The report includes such areas as website security, proper configuration, efficient use of resources and more.
  • Of course, everything can be improved, so we offer options for transformation and optimization.
  • Upon the customer’s approval, our experts can neatly bring all these recommendations to life. If necessary, we implement process automation (continuous integration and continuous delivery).

Response time and urgent situations

We offer continuous monitoring of the status of all services that are important for your workflows. In case of urgent situations, we give them a higher priority. 

Of course, we value your time, so we promptly respond to your requests. Response time is up to 20 minutes during working hours and up to 2 hours during days-off and weekends.

It is even possible to provide services remotely. We had plenty of successful cases with remote configuration of active equipment (Cisco, HP, Mikrotik, D-Link etc).

To recap

Big improvements usually begin with small steps — like applying to a good DevOps services provider right now. Our DevOps team has experience with various cases and is able to always find the right solutions. So you can rely on us for server status audit or lots of other services. Drop us a line!


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