Strategic web design process

Strategic design: 4 steps to success

When designing a website, it is important to define business goals and user needs, as well as explore the market to be aware of the latest web design trends, avoid web design mistakes, and be ready to drive the changes. For the successful implementation of all mentioned above, a specific design strategy has to be created.

Today, the team at WishDesk explores what is strategic design and how to drive this process smoothly.

What is strategic design?

Strategic design is a set of future-oriented web design principles, or strategies, used to meet demanding business-goals and objectives. This approach is a fusion of disciplines, from copywriting to art, used to facilitate the web design process and meet all aspects of website development (customer needs, brand identity, design language, etc.)

 strategic design process

Aim of strategic design

The aim of strategic design is to combine three main principles of good web design: website development, website branding, and business identity together with a clear vision of future changes in the marketplace. However, observing the changes is not enough: a professional strategic designer has to drive these changes to be successful.

Strategic design process

One has to have an exceptional understanding of future trends in technology and user-centered design in order to create strategies. Here are four steps of the strategic web design process:

1. Establish project goals

Indicate business goals and analyze the industry. If to relate them with the design strategy, website development will become easier and the final product will be more efficient. Once all the information about the business is gathered, the project strategy can be created. Define business goals, target audience, key message, and competitors: all of these will help create a successful strategic design.

2. Determine the brand identity

Although it is important to explore the latest web design trends, that may not always work for your brand identity. Think about colors, visual elements, as well as emotions that are right for your brand. This is one of the most important steps of the strategic design process.    

3. Synchronize web design with business goals

Okay, you have established the purpose of the website and determined your brand identity, The next step is to synchronize all of these into one complicated and unique web design strategy. How to succeed in it? The answer is simple! Shape and focus all web design elements on business goals and brand identity! The design has to suit your objectives and be completely user-centered to provide a positive user experience.

4. Implement strategic design to the website development process!

The next step is as easy as it is. Hire a team of professional web designers and web developers who are experienced in strategic design planning and know how to boost your business! 

Key features of strategic design approach

  • the set of brand identity
  • the development of marketing strategies
  • social interactions
  • combination of sound, touch, and visual
  • the creation of design strategy based on research
  • user-centered design

Develop a successful strategic design with WishDesk!

If to follow this process, you can be sure that you’ll get a powerful strategic design that functions effectively. The team at WishDesk has years of experience in strategic web design implementation. If you want your business to be future-oriented and more user-centered, contact us today for outstanding strategic design services.


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