What is a User Experience (UX) Consultant & How Can They Help Your Business

Ways a UX Consultant Can Help Your Business Website

If you are reading this blog, then there is a likelihood that you have already dealt with a UX Consultant or are thinking about it.

As soon as you come up with your website and implement it from a technical point of view, you`ll face other problems and questions about UX design. For example, why do I have so few customers?

Do you know the answer? One of the reasons can be user interface problems — your customers feel uncomfortable when using your site.

There are two inputs from this situation:

  1. The first is that you can fix problems with UX design website by yourself, but this takes a long time.
  2. The second is that you can turn to professionals for help.

In this article, our web development agency tells you more about who is a ux consultant, the main reasons to hire a UX consultant and the advantages of UX consulting services, as well as how to find a reliable partner and what to look for when choosing UX consulting company.

We’ve written before about the difference between UX and UI design and about web design trends for 2020. However, there are many questions about the role of UX consultant.

We will answer the most important of them below.

How UX Design can help your business grow?

User experience (UX) is how easy and enjoyable it is to use your website or application. It includes the site interface, content filling, layout, and interactive elements.

And if everything works in tandem, then UX will help your business.

We want to highlight the 4 main reasons UX can help you:

  • UX will help save money

Whatever you do, whatever project you come up with, there are always risks. UX design includes not only implementation but also a detailed preliminary study.

Therefore, it can calculate future risks and prevent their occurrence. And that means you can prevent future financial losses and problems. It is much easier to fix everything at the time of its inception than in an already finished product.

  • UX will increase conversions

Any processes and information are best explained with simple examples. Think of a time you tried to load a site that took a very long time and had an incomprehensible structure. Now think of another site with the opposite experience — it loaded quickly, had an understandable structure, clear descriptions, etc.

On the Internet, many of your competitors have a similar product or provide similar services. You can become the best if you make a site that is useful and simple to use.

The site should be a place where it’s nice to return; like coming back home. If you make it that way, you will increase your conversions.

  • UX design boosts SEO

All things are connected. It’s clear that if you have good UX then your search engine ranking will increase. Google loves sites with a good user experience. Today it is one of the main search algorithms. This is beneficial for Google also, as the quicker users find the necessary information, the better it is for Google too.

  • UX design will increase sales

If the client had a positive user experience and was able to quickly find and order the right product, then they will tell all their friends about it. Accordingly, the number of your potential buyers will double. A satisfied customer is the best free advertisement. Such buyers will increase your income and sales.

What is a UX consultant? What can good user experience consultants do for you?

A UX designer is a specialist who already has a lot of knowledge and experience about improving the usability of your site. They solve problems that you cannot solve because of a lack of time or resources, or may simply not know how to fix.

What are the 4 UX consultant steps in the design process?

  1. First stage. The UX consultant gets acquainted and communicates with the project team to understand all their requirements and determine the target audience. At this stage, the consultant summarizes all the information and needs that can help solve your problems.
  2. Second stage. A good UX designer analyzes the opinions of developers, the results of user surveys, etc. A UX Consultant helps you understand the needs of your customers.
  3. Third stage. The user experience consultant develops page layouts, a sitemap, and more. There should be harmonious cooperation between developers and designers. The designer does everything in parallel with the developers and all other parties to solve the problem as comprehensively and quickly as possible.
  4. Finally, the UX consultant helps brand your project. They work with your project team to verify the brand name of your site on all resources and give recommendations to your developers.
UX consultant steps in the design process

Why should I hire a user experience consultant?

You need a UX consultant to bring a fresh look to your project and improve it.

Below we list the reasons to hire a UX designer.

  • They help you understand what is wrong with your product. You need a consultant like this if you’re working on your project and see that something slows down its workings.

Of course, you can try to find the problem yourself, but it will take a lot of time. In the business world, time is money. The specialist will quickly find problems — and find solutions to them.

  • They help you understand what is wrong with the user interface design of your site. You need such a consultant even if you perfected your product from a technical point of view, but something prevents it from working effectively.

Of course, you can try to solve the problem yourself, but you need an outside view. Maybe your project has the wrong design and it deters your customers. For example, you might be able to add icon usability. This makes it easier to use your site.

The UX designer sees all the errors, makes a clear review and also suggests the best solutions to these problems.

  • They help you to stay on top of trends and innovations in the field of UX design website. We agree that good project team developers are important, but they are executors, not innovators. They simply solve problems — they do not come up with new ideas.

UX consultant provides a new look for your product. Their job is to keep you on top of the wave of innovation. In business, you need to think about how to do things differently, to stay ahead of everyone else.

Main benefits your business can get from user interface design consulting

In addition to the fact that UX Consulting will help to clarify your Achilles heels, it gives you knowledge and skills that will be useful for you in the future.

What are the main advantages of consulting?

  • A UX specialist analyzes your target audience to find out your customers and their preferences. They collect information about customers and unify it with the data you have already. They visualize the results of the analysis on visitor`s journey maps and empathy maps. You can use all these best practices in future improvements in your design and advertising.
  • The main task of UX designer is to make it easy to use your product. Since they have extensive experience in this field, they can effectively check your product and find problems that need to be fixed. This audit gives wonderful results. It increases the usability of your site and increases customer satisfaction. And, after all, customer satisfaction is your main goal.
  • With the help of the UX specialist, you will be able to get design systems to guide everyone else working on the project. If the team does not know what to do, then chaos will arise. Therefore, a design system is needed to describe the principles and guidelines for a design project.
  • UX Consultants cannot work on their own. To achieve a result, they must have the support of your project team. Their main task is to introduce digital technology and inspire your team.

People are always suspicious of innovations and are often afraid of them. The UX specialist helps your project team to overcome this with lectures and programs. Your main benefit will be cutting-edge innovation and a happy team.

 advantages of ux consulting

Steps to help you find a good UX consultant

Before hiring a user experience consultant, we advised you to consider a few things. What should you do?

  1. You need to clearly define your goals in order to know who to look for and to know what to demand from US design services.
  2. You need to consider several variants before making your choice of a UX consulting company. Everything is about the degree.
  3. You need to pay attention to their experience, feedback, and previous ux designs.
  4. You need to do some research. Word of mouth will help you!
  5. A good option is to hire a UX consultant who has already been working with your friends or acquaintances. But do not be discouraged if you do not have such an opportunity. You can find a lot of useful information about the company that interests you in their blog.
  6. If it is a good company, then it will provide you with all the information you need.
Steps To Help You Find A Good UX Consultant

Requirements for a UX Consultant

To understand that your UX consulting agency is good you should ask them only 3 questions.

1. What can you tell me about my target audience?

If the UX consultant is serious about helping you, they will begin a preliminary analysis of your target audience. This is important because everything is concentrated around the interaction with users. How do you fix problems without understanding who you are working for?

Your user experience consultant is a good specialist if they will conduct extensive research and provide you with information in a visual form.

2. You don't want to ask me something?

A good agency that focuses on results before starting to provide UX design services will ask you many questions. This is a normal practice, as they must know your ultimate goal in order to offer you the best solution.

3. Do you have any experience with similar projects?

It’s especially good if your agency already has experience in solving similar problems. On the other hand, you should not focus on the experience, because each situation is unique.

WishDesk is a reliable UX design agency

Why are we the best for a UX design project? Well, because we have extensive experience — more than 12 years in UX design services. During this time, we have dealt with very different cases of UX design and successfully solved them.

Do not hesitate to ask a UX consulting company about everything that interests you. Choosing UX design agency is not an easy task, but if you follow our advice, then you will succeed. If you have any questions to our web development team you can ask us or feel free to send us a task.


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