What is website maintenance

What is website maintenance?

There are a lot of different Internet resources in the world wide web. A site is a marketing tool, with the help of which it is possible to increase the company's profit. All of them are designed to provide information, but a fairly large number of sites are uncared, that is, they are not updated or updated very rarely. Of course, not all owners have time to independently monitor their site. But for the site to be able to perform the tasks, the ongoing website maintenance is needed.

What is website maintenance for?

In short, website maintenance is the service for updating it and make adjustments. However, in addition, the most important part of the support is the improving the site, enhancing its efficiency and increasing the conversion rate. Conversion is the ratio of the number of site visitors who performed any targeted actions to the total number of site visitors.

Website maintenance service includes:

  • Technical audit of the site

At this stage, the experts reveal technical disadvantages of the site. Faults and technical shortcomings are eliminated.

  • Revamp of the Internet resource

Taking into account the tasks that are put before the site at the moment, the Internet resource is in the process of being updated and improved. You can add relevant modules (for example, a forum or photo gallery) to the site and redesign it.

  • Website support

This implies ensuring the site's efficiency, as well as fixing any bugs which are periodically detected.

  • Cooperation with the hosting provider

This means to keep close communication with the provider on which your site resides, to set up email addresses on the domain. If you wish, it is possible to transfer the site to another server. The maintenance also covers the administering the ftp server and monitoring the restoration of a site from a backup.

How is the process of web maintenance going?

Obviously, if the responsible company that specializes in this is engaged in, the results will be quite effective. After you have made the contract and selected a suitable support package for you, they will begin their work to improve your site. Depending on the selected package, on your website will always be fresh news concerning your company or the sphere of your business, as well as feature articles and graphic data. Periodicity will be determined by you. Experts will analyze the design of your web resource. You will probably need to edit it or update some of its elements.

Usually, after creating a site, customers prefer to maintain the sites themselves. The reasons are different, but almost always this impulse fails. Why? The fact is that much depends on who exactly maintains the sites.

Website owners quite often entrust the maintenance of the site to their employees. This is done according to the following principle: first, they do main work, and if there is free time, they are engaged in the tasks related to the website maintenance.

This way has many drawbacks. Firstly, the employee who was assigned to support the website has no experience in this area and in many cases does not understand what needs to be done to achieve the goal and how to evaluate the result of his work. Usually, it all come down to the fact that maybe once a month news are added, when they have already lost their relevance, and sometimes the employee answers questions from users.

It often happens that the site owner hires a person to maintain his site. Most often, during the interview such person says that he has worked with dozens of different projects, asking high salary. For such a candidate, a separate workplace and a manager responsible for the implementation of assigned tasks will be required. This is cost-consuming.

The best option is to contact professionals who have been professionally engaged in this for a long time. This is also the least expensive approach. Such specialists take seriously to their duties and are responsible for the results.

The owner, who has supported his site, will get a modern technological web resource that can attract visitors. The consequence of this is the expansion of the circle of customers.

The main goal of website maintenance is to keep interest in it and, as a consequence, to the company. This is the most important task in the world of modern business and of our support service as well. Our dedicated team of experienced developers specialise in websites built with Drupal and WordPress. So, feel free to contact us and enjoy the ultimate digital experiences!

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