Why code review is important

Why code review is important for everyone? | Infographic

 Why code reviews matter

Every businessman whose business is presented on the web is interested in improving the performance, security and general effectiveness of their own website. Every IT-company that cares about developing high-quality web projects is interested in providing its clients with clean code. So both interested parties can satisfy their needs thanks to code review. Today we’ll clarify what a code review is and what benefits it can give to all.

What is a code review and a peer review?

As you can guess from the name, a code review means a check-up of a source code. As something could be unnoticed during the web development, reviewing the code allows you to find bugs and vulnerabilities and then be able to fix them. This practice improves the code quality of the web product.

A code review is sometimes referred to as a peer review, because the code written by one programmer is examined for errors by a colleague.

What are code review benefits for web product owner?

  • Code review reduces risks

As they say, two heads are better than one. Having someone to double-check the work being done is always a good idea. This decreases the risks of overlooked errors.

  • Code review allows you to detect bugs at the initial stage

The more defects in a code can be discovered at an early stage, the less trouble they can cause for the web resource.

  • Code review saves money

The sooner bugs are found, the cheaper it is to fix them. JPL of NASA calculates that it saves about 25,000 dollars in each inspection by detecting and fixing code mistakes at initial stage.

  • Code review improves web security

Some of the bugs which could be detected during the reviewing are the most dangerous security bugs. These can cause unauthorized access to a system that can result in confidential data being compromised or deleted. Code review prevents this.

  • Code review provides confidence for stakeholders

Stakeholders can be sure of the quality of the end result they get from a development team. Case studies are dramatic. In organizations offering software maintenance services, 55% of one-line maintenance changes contained errors. After code reviews were executed, only 2% were in error, which is what is normally expected.

What are code review benefits for a web development team?

  • Code review enforce compliance of coding standards

When developers knows that other team members will review their code, then they will try to make their codes comply with the common coding style across the whole IT company. This allows developers to work on code written by someone else, which can be easily read by anyone.

  • Code review promotes sharing knowledge

The author of the reviewed code gets feedback and comments on their work. The reviewer also learn new things from colleagues’ code. So team members gain a better understanding of the code base.

  • Code review unifies a development team

This practice Team members express their thoughts on review discussions. This brings them closer to each other and saves them from working in isolation. An open atmosphere in the team provides coherent cooperation and better results from collective work.

  • Code review helps mentor newer developers

When more experienced developers review a code written by less experienced colleagues, they act as mentors. This allows trainees to improve their development skills and grow in a professional sense.

  • Code review helps getting familiar with the web project

When a team builds a new website, web portal or application, the work is divided. So usually every team member contributes to the overall project’s success by working solely on their own part. Code reviews allow developers to familiarize themselves with the work of others within the common web project and with the code that they haven’t written, but may have to maintain in future.


So, as you see, code review is important for everyone. Developers in our company have been practicing this for a long time. So as one of our services we can offer is reviewing your existing code if you are not sure whether it is clean and maintainable. Also, you can be confident in the high quality of our code you’ll get if entrust us with your web project. Our specialists are ready to handle all your website related issues so you won’t be distracted from your main business.

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