Why outsource web development to Ukraine

Why is outsourcing to Ukraine a smart solution for your business?

Why outsource web development to Ukraine


In the last few years, Ukraine has demonstrated the high quality of services provided by the web development companies. Its IT market is one of the world’s most developed and beneficial in Eastern Europe today. It should be mentioned that in 2017, Ukraine was named the Offshoring Destination of the Year by Global Sourcing Association, a not-for-profit membership association that aims at sharing best practice, trends and connections worldwide. Why does Ukraine attract so many customers from the US, Western Europe and other countries? Here are some undeniable reasons why outsourcing IT development to Ukraine is the best option for your company.

6 benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine

  • The level of education

As a customer, you look for only the best experts who are well-educated and highly-qualified. You’re on the right track if you look for Ukrainian IT specialists. In Ukraine, the educational system in the country is strong, particularly in the technical and mathematical disciplines. The numbers are compelling: 87% of high school graduates enter universities and colleges, and around 35% opt for IT-related specializations. Many of them become excellent software developers. Ukrainian web developers are good in exact sciences (maths, physics etc.) so they can effortlessly solve technically complicated issues.

  • Developed IT market

Ukraine is among the top 10 countries with the largest number of certified IT minds available. The talent pool keeps growing, which makes it the best destination for web development outsourcing. It is worth mentioning that the Ukrainian IT market is quite mature. It is one of the most developed ones among other Eastern Europe countries. In the last few years, the country's economy heavily depends on the earnings of the IT sphere. Ukrainian IT companies have already established themselves as reliable and highly experienced partners who provide custom web development and the best results in the long run.

  • Attractive prices

With Ukrainian obvious financial attractiveness, you can get more quality services for less money. The country is once again on the list of countries with the best rates in IT. Outsourcing to Ukraine is not cheap, but it is cost-effective. If you compare prices, Ukraine offers lower web projects costs so that the US and other European countries can save up to 60% of their overall expenses when outsourcing to Ukraine. What is more important, a government initiative provided Ukrainian developers with an immense tax relief and, consequently, the administrative costs will be also lower. That is another reason why business owners choose Ukraine for outsourcing.

  • Strategic location

Ukraine is located in a very convenient time zone for doing any business. This attracts a large number of customers from North America. The one or two hour difference with European countries allows for easy communication as well. As a result, no one needs to rise with the sun or sit deep into the night to discuss some emerging project details or hold an unscheduled meeting. Geographic proximity to Western European and US markets is crucial reason why you should choose Ukraine for outsourcing.

  • No language barrier

Proficiency in English is another reason why it is smart to outsource to Ukraine. It is an essential professional skill for every specialist in a good Ukrainian IT company, without exception. Here, developers have a good command of English as it is used in the IT environment every day. Those specialists can easily communicate about any professional issues. In many IT companies, multi-language managers are available. They can fluently speak French, Spanish, German and a few other languages. This makes Ukraine a rather wonderful destination for outsourcing.

  • European mentality

You’ll agree that finding a reliable web development company requires more than just a highly-educated team of developers, it requires good relationships. It is as important having professional skills as to easily communicate with clients and be able to understand all their needs. If you decide to outsource to Ukraine, you won’t face any cultural gaps and avoid misunderstandings. Anyway, it is always better and much easier collaborate with people who are in tune with you.

These are not all the reasons why it is worth outsourcing to Ukraine. Cultural similarity, open-minded and creative people and being in touch with the latest technologies helps Ukrainian IT market stay ahead of competitors as well. Whatever country you choose for outsourcing, the company should be credible and offer you the team of true IT experts with enough experience and a plenty of out-of-the-box solutions. We’ll be also happy to collaborate with you. Contact our outsource Web Development Company to satisfy your business needs. Contact our web development experts who will satisfy your business needs.


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