WordPress Security Service

WordPress Security Service: Yes or No?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world: 796 new WP sites are created each day (W3Techs).

daily number of WordPress sites created

WordPress powers 33.6% of the global websites (W3Techs). Its open source nature and customizability let anyone learn how to use it effectively. WordPress is captivated by its simplicity: even people with no technical knowledge can manage this CMS. 

most popular CMS

There’s always a flip side of the coin, however. Do you know that WordPress websites are the main target for hackers? WordPress security is a top discussion among website owners. With the increasing number of attacks happening every minute, even you can become a victim of hackers. According to Wordfence, over 90,000 hack attempts are made on WP sites every minute.

Do not panic! There are certain methods used to protect your website. And one of them is a WordPress security service. Discover why you definitely need WordPress security services.

Why do you need a WordPress security service?

A security service is the best way to maintain your WordPress website. A team of WordPress experts knows how to keep websites safe and ensure their high performance. There are plenty of security features you need to implement on your platform, and it is better to let a team of professionals cope with it.

How can a WordPress website be secured?

  • WordPress core, plugins and themes update

Any CMS updates are crucial for a website’s well-being. Hackers usually find vulnerabilities in WordPress core, plugins and themes, and immediately try attacking them.

WordPress Security Team monitors core vulnerabilities and creates patches that make websites secure against hacker attacks. New WordPress versions contain security patches, that’s why updates should be applied with no delay. The same with plugins and themes. When an update is available, it shouldn’t be ignored.

WordPress core, plugins and themes updates should be applied regularly. It is better to entrust them to WordPress developers who perform the updates in accordance with the best practices.

  • WordPress database security

All your website’s data is stored in the database. It is crucial to have a team of experts who can take care of it and create an optimized environment for WordPress. Your hosting provider usually secures the machine running MySQL database. Make sure that your web host is reliable and responsible. Here at WishDesk, we offer cost-effective hosting solutions.

Do not run multiple WordPress installations on the same database. If someone gets access to your database, they get access to all your websites. This recommendation is available in official WordPress Codex.

  • WordPress security service removes malware

Cleaning a hacked WordPress website is not an easy task. It is better to hire WordPress experts to remove malware from your site. If you are not familiar with the website’s code, interrupting in it can cause a hard crash, which will be more difficult to restore.

  • Firewall

A firewall is one of the main layers of website protection. It filters the traffic that comes to your site. The firewall prevents IP addresses known for causing problems to access the website.

There are three main types of firewall available: plugin-based, cloud-based, and inbuilt firewall. The choice depends on the type of security you require. Contact WordPress developers to determine what type of service you need.

  • Login protection

Brute force attacks are used by hackers to gain access to the WordPress website. A brute force attack is a programmed bot that tries to enter usernames and passwords until the combination is successful. There are different ways to stop WordPress brute force attacks:

  1. Create a unique administrator username
  2. Create a strong password
  3. Install WordPress brute force plugins
  4. Add two-factor authentication
  5. Limit access to wp-login.php
  6. Limit access to wp-admin
  • WordPress security service backups your site

Backups are your lifeboat in case something happens to your website. Imagine: your site is hacked and part of the content is removed. In that case, you not only have to clean up your platform, but also restore the content.

You can take backups manually, however, this process is complicated and takes too long. If The solution is WordPress security team who will take daily backups instead of you. With such a service you can be sure that your site is safe 24/7.

  • Continuous WordPress website monitoring

You definitely need a WordPress service plan to ensure high-quality website support and maintenance. Let the team of professionals monitor your site 24/7 and prevent any security threat immediately.

It’s time to opt for WordPress security service

With all these in mind, it’s time to choose a WordPress security service that will meet all your needs. Here at WishDesk, we know how to deliver the best solutions to digital platforms. Do not hesitate to choose us as your WordPress security service.


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