Wix vs WordPress – what CMS to choose?

Wix vs WordPress – what CMS to choose?

WordPress and Wix are the most popular content management systems (CMS) all over the world. When it comes to website development, it is difficult to choose the one that fits best, as both CMSs are powerful and highly functional.

Today, the web development team at WishDesk compares WordPress and Wix CMSs, as well as describes the difference between them. Stay tuned!

Why choose WordPress CMS for Your Website

WordPress is free software you can download and install with ease. It allows you to create any type of platform, from portfolios to personal blogs and corporate websites.

Why choose WordPress CMS for Your Website

Reasons to choose WordPress for website development

  • It’s an open-source software
  • WordPress' community provides 24/7 support
  • WordPress provides unlimited storage
  • It easily integrates with third-party services
  • High level of security
  • WordPress has plugins for almost any feature
  • It offers a broad variety of themes
  • WordPress CMS is SEO-friendly
  • WordPress offers eCommerce solutions
  • WordPress is self-hosted

Why choose Wix CMS for Your Website

Wix is a free all-in-one site builder that is easy to use for people with no coding skills.

Why choose Wix CMS for Your Website

Reasons to choose Wix for website development

  • Wix is an open-source software
  • It offers 500+ designer-made website templates
  • No coding skills are required to build a site with Wix
  • Wix provides an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder
  • Wix has over 100 default fonts
  • It offers some eCommerce themed templates
  • 24/7 support

Wix vs WordPress: Comparison Chart

With WordPress, you build your website totally from scratch, while Wix is ready for you to start building. WordPress is more powerful, so it requires some technical skills. Wix is a perfect solution for small sites with not much functionality, while WordPress is ideal for complex website development.

Wix vs WordPress

WordPress cons

  • additional costs during the website development process (hosting and domain)
  • plugins and themes are difficult to install for people who lack coding skills
  • not an intuitive interface
  • no dedicated support team
  • requires additional eCommerce plugin for online store development

Wix cons

  • limited functionality
  • non-customizable templates
  • users have less control
  • you are stuck with the design you selected
  • not all designs are SEO-friendly

Which CMS to choose for your website?

Here we want to suggest our own choice of content management system depending on the type of the website.

Blog – WordPress.

eCommerce – WordPress.

Small business website – Wix.

Corporate website – WordPress.

People who have no coding skills – Wix.

People want to be in full control over the website – WordPress.


Now you understand the difference between WordPress and Wix content management systems. Although both of them are easy to use even for people with no coding skills, Wix still lacks some functionality and offers limited themes and functions choice. That’s why WishDesk strongly recommends using WordPress for website development.

No matter what CMS you choose – Wix Or WordPress – WishDesk specialists are always ready to assist you with its installation and support.


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