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Best podcast plugin for WordPress

Integrating a podcast to your website is a crucial part of your marketing campaign. It not only helps attract attention to your business, but also promotes your brand! Podcasts can be listened to everywhere: while driving a car, while shopping, at work, at home, and much more!

So, you want to add a few podcasts on your WordPress website but don’t know how? There are many solutions! Today, the WordPress support agency showcases the best plugins to integrate podcast to your WordPress website. Check it out!

Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

1. PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry

PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry possesses both simple and advanced modes to integrate podcasts to your WordPress website. It has multiple audio options and even provides the function to subscribe to the podcast page.

Key features of the PowerPress Podcasting plugin

  • full Apple podcasts and Google podcasts support
  • integrated HTML5 Media Players
  • subscribe tools
  • podcasting SEO
  • multi-podcast support
  • multi-languages
  • migration tools

Powerless Podcasting Plugin by Blubrry

2. Podcast Player

Podcast Player is a simple way to showcase your podcasts with the help of a podcasting feed URL. This WordPress plugin for podcast integration gives your visitors easy access to all your episodes from any page, or even from all the pages of your site.

Key features of the Podcast Player plugin

  • access to podcasts from any website page
  • displays responsive podcast player just by entering your podcast’s feed url
  • option to Show or Hide individual player elements
  • share option
  • self adjusting layout

Podcast Player

3. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a powerful but simple podcast plugin for WordPress websites. It is suited for beginners as it uses a native WP interface and has minimal settings.

Key features of the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin

  • simple settings for those who need only to publish their content without advanced features
  • integrated podcast hosting platform, Castos, that allows you to host the podcast media files on a dedicated platform
  • podcast cover image
  • use any post type for your podcast episodes
  • shortcodes and widgets for displaying podcast episode lists, single episodes or full podcast playlists on any website page

Simple Podcasting

4. WP Podcast

The WP Podcast plugin is a user-friendly tool with a lot of options and functionality. It is HTML5 compatible, so it can play podcasts on most mobile devices.

Key features of the WP Podcast plugin

  • responsive
  • has integrated social share icon
  • has audio file download button
  • users can change audio speed
  • 2 themes included
  • powered by html5

WP Podcast

5. Simple Podcasting

Simple Podcasting allows you to set up podcast feeds with the help of built-in WordPress posts and lets visitors subscribe to them.

Key features of the Simple Podcasting plugin

  • options to add a podcast tile, subtitle, summary and copyright
  • mark ‘yes’ if podcast contains adult language or adult themes
  • option to add a podcast image
  • multiple podcast feeds
  • subscribe option
  • Apple podcasts

Simple Podcasting

Integrate podcast to your WordPress website!

This is a list of the best podcast plugin for WordPress from our team. If none of the plugins suits you — no worries! Our WordPress web developers can easily create a custom one for you! Just drop us a line with your requirements, and we’ll easily fulfill all of them!


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