The Wishdesk Web Agency works from home during COVID-19

The Wishdesk Web Agency works from home during COVID-19

During the last few months, we heard a lot of news about COVID-19. With the start of a pandemic, our Wishdesk web development company started working from home to protect our workers.

At the beginning it was unusual, but every day we tried to do our best to not disappoint our customers. While the virus was spreading, our team kept working without any problems.

We continue to do a lot of things which helped our workers work in comfort, even at home, at the same time we did a lot to continue our work on projects.

So, what things do we still practice in WFH? Here are some of them:

Our best practices for working during Covid-19

  • We know that it is challenging to work from home, so we try to help each other with problems in work that arise
  • We are continuing meetings with our clients to provide them qualitative service. As we have worked in this field for 13 years, we have found some tips which can help in communication with clients
  • We want to give our workers as much comfort as possible, so with the start of the pandemic, every employee was able to take whatever they want, from chairs to monitors
  • We are still visiting different master-classes, online conferences, and personal growth training, because we want to improve ourselves and become better
  • We continue our meetings using Scrum methodology
  • We conduct programming and testing courses for our OxIT school students to provide them useful knowledge and skills
We conduct programming and testing courses
  • We train and test our workers by giving them logic problems to help them to be ready for the different difficult tasks in the future
  • After hiring our company, all workers should study professional terminology, and we accept deadlines from all new staff members
  • We continue to replenish our library with new books
our library with new books
  • We go to sports, run marathons and arrange bicycle rides
We go to sports
  • We improve our recreational areas. We work hard and lead an active style, which is why we so often want to lie down and relax a little bit. We solved this problem with specific recreation areas, where employees can briefly hide from prying eyes and even sleep
  • The company maintains and develops an unusual atmosphere in the office.  Each employee can design their workplace as they want
Each employee can design their workplace as they want
  • We want our colleagues to feel like they work with family, so we often organize team building activities

We want to make the atmosphere in our team more comfortable so that our workers can work with joy whether they are working from home or in the office.

One more thing we want to talk about is some recommendations for you. Working from home is not an easy task, so our team found out some good tips which you can use while working during a pandemic.

8 Tips of Successfully Working From Home

Recommendations For Managers

  • Be clear about your opinions and requirements

Try to explain everything clearly, so that the people who work with you will have no questions. If questions arise anyway, answer all of them. Clarify goals, identify resources, and explain where to find information for projects.

  • Highlight Your Team with Higher-Ups

It is crucial to make your team feel recognized. The team should know that they do not do their work for nothing.

  • Remember About Stress

Workers are not just thinking about how to work from home in such a situation. People are also nervous about the new virus and the economic fallout, so try to understand them.

  • Meet Differently

Set up video conferences, and after take extra time to answer all of the questions and make sure that all of the participants understand everything clearly.

  • Engage in self-improvement

Take every opportunity to improve your knowledge. Read new literature, take advanced training courses.

Recommendations For Developers

  • Learn New Skills and Tools

It is the best time to start learning a new tool that you have wanted to learn for a long time but haven’t got a chance to yet. Also, try to improve your development skills to become a better worker.

  • Concentrate on Your Projects

Of course, it’s comfortable to work from home, you can sit in pink pajamas and drink coffee while you are working. But don’t forget about concentrating on your projects, which you should still finish by the deadline. 

  • Design Your Workplace

Try to find a quiet place in your home if it is possible. Make it look like your workplace in the office. Make it comfortable, so you will work with as much enthusiasm as you can.

  • Provide Environmental Variety

If you have a chance to work near the window, do it! Thanks to this, you will work with natural light, and this will transform your office environment. Also, if you have a houseplant, put it near your workplace. It will increase your productivity and creativity.

Work with Wishdesk web development company during Covid-19!

Coronavirus exists, but no one canceled high-quality cooperation. We are still working without any problems, errors, or troubles. Even during the Pandemic, we continue to work on our existing projects with everything we’ve got.

Wishdesk company contacts our clients through any convenient service. Contact our web development company to get a qualitative web-development service.


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