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Website Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10

Secure and efficient migration of your Drupal website to the latest version.

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Drupal 7 to 10: Seamless Migration

Your website on Drupal 7 is becoming increasingly vulnerable to security threats, losing relevance, and limiting your business growth opportunities. Delaying the migration to Drupal 10 can result in losing potential customers due to outdated functionality and design while also putting your site at risk. Attempting the migration yourself or hiring inexperienced developers can lead to data loss, prolonged downtime, and unforeseen costs. We offer professional Drupal migration services from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10, alleviating these concerns. Our expert Drupal developers ensure a secure and seamless transition of your website to the new platform, maintaining all data and functionality. Don't risk your business — contact us for reliable and efficient Drupal 10 migration services.

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Drupal 10 Migration: Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Audit

    Our Drupal developers conduct a detailed audit of your current Drupal 7 site to identify potential issues and develop a customized migration plan.

  • Data Backup

    We ensure the safety and integrity of your data with thorough backups before starting the migration process.

  • Drupal Core and Module Updates

    We upgrade your site to the latest Drupal 10 core and modules, enhancing performance, security, and functionality.

  • Content Migration

    Our Drupal migration service migrates all content, including text, images, videos, taxonomy, fields, and settings, while preserving structure and SEO optimization.

  • Theme Adaptation or Creation

    We adapt or create a new theme that perfectly aligns with Drupal 10 requirements and highlights your brand's uniqueness.

  • Thorough Testing

    Post-migration, our Drupal developers meticulously test all site functions and elements to ensure flawless operation.

Entrust the migration of your site to Drupal 10 to Wishdesk professionals and get a modern, secure, and high-performance web resource that will help you reach new heights in your business.

Discover the Wisdesk Advantage for Your Drupal 10 Migration


Experienced experts

Our team of certified Drupal specialists has years of experience in successful migrations, ensuring a seamless transition for your website.


Individually tailored

We meticulously analyze your website and business goals to craft a migration plan that is uniquely suited to your needs, making you feel valued and understood.


Minimal downtime

Our optimized methodology and experienced developers ensure minimal downtime during the migration, allowing your business to operate without interruption.


Full transparency

We provide a detailed migration plan with clear timelines and budgets and regularly inform you about the progress of the work.


Comprehensive support

We won't leave you after the migration is complete. Our team will provide training for your staff, ongoing technical support, and consultation to ensure the success of your updated website.

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Plan Your Drupal 10 Migration Strategy

Audit your Drupal 7 site to identify custom modules, themes, and integrations and determine which features to migrate, improve, or retire.

Update Custom Drupal Code for Compatibility

Review and update custom modules and themes for Drupal 10 compatibility. Adhere to Drupal 10 coding standards and APIs, and consider replacing custom functionality with contributed modules when possible. Thoroughly test custom code in a Drupal 10 development environment.

Test and Optimize Your Drupal 10 Website

Perform comprehensive testing of the migrated Drupal 10 site, focusing on functionality, performance, and user experience. Optimize Drupal 10 website performance through caching, aggregation, and other techniques.

Optimize Speed Drupal Website

Make your Drupal 10 site lightning fast by using caching and combining multiple files into fewer ones. It will make it load faster for everyone who visits.

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Why should you migrate to Drupal 10?

Common Challenges You May Encounter When Upgrading Your Website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10

  1. Incompatible Drupal 7 Modules and Themes Many contributed modules and custom themes used in Drupal 7 may not be compatible with Drupal 10. Identifying and finding suitable replacements or updating custom code to work with Drupal 10 can be time-consuming and challenging, requiring your unique expertise and understanding of both Drupal versions.
    • Solutions: Resolve Drupal Module and Theme Incompatibility. Identify compatible Drupal 10 versions of contributed modules and themes. If unavailable, find suitable alternatives or update custom code to adhere to Drupal 10 standards.
  2. Complex Drupal 7 Content and Field Migrations Migrating content and fields from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 can be complex, especially for sites with heavily customized content types and field structures. Ensuring data integrity and accurately mapping fields to their Drupal 10 counterparts requires meticulous planning and execution, underscoring the importance of your role in this process.
    • Solutions: Simplify Drupal Content and Field Migrations Use the Drupal Migrate API and migration tools like Migrate Upgrade to streamline content and field migrations. Map fields carefully and test migrations thoroughly.
  3. Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 API and Structural Changes Drupal 10 introduces significant changes to its API and structure compared to Drupal 7. Adapting custom modules, themes, and integrations to work with these changes can be demanding and require a thorough understanding of Drupal 10's architecture.
    • Solutions: Adapt to Drupal 10 API and Structural Changes. Familiarize yourself with Drupal 10's API and structural changes. Update custom code to work with Drupal 10's architecture and leverage new features and improvements.
  4. Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 Media and File Handling Drupal 10 features a revamped Media Library and file handling system, which differs from Drupal 7's approach. Migrating media files and ensuring they are correctly associated with content in Drupal 10 can present challenges and may require manual intervention.
    • Solutions: Streamline Drupal 10 Media and File Migrations. Utilize Drupal 10's Media Library and file handling system. Ensure media files are correctly associated with migrated content and test file functionality post-migration.
  5. User Authentication and Permission Migrations Migrating user accounts, roles, and permissions from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 can be intricate, particularly for sites with complex user hierarchies and access control settings. Ensuring a smooth user authentication and permissions transition is crucial for maintaining security and user experience.
    • Solutions: Ensure Smooth Drupal User and Permission Migrations Use the Drupal Migrate API to migrate user accounts, roles, and permissions accurately. Thoroughly test user authentication and access control post-migration.
  6. Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 Multilingual Site Migrations For multilingual Drupal 7 sites, migrating content and configurations to Drupal 10 can be particularly challenging. Ensuring that translations, language-specific settings, and content associations are accurately preserved during migration requires meticulous planning and testing.
    • Solutions: Plan for Drupal 10 Multilingual Site Migrations. Carefully plan and map translations, language-specific settings, and content associations. Use the Drupal Migrate API and multilingual migration tools to ensure accurate preservation of multilingual content.

Performance optimization after migrating to Drupal 10

Expanding functionality after migrating to Drupal 10

Ready to embrace the power of Drupal 10? Migrate your website with our trusted service and unlock cutting-edge features to elevate your online presence and drive business growth.