WordPress AMP plugin supports stories

WordPress AMP plugin now supports stories

Google has added AMP Stories support to WordPress via its latest AMP plugin update. Publishers who want to create AMP Stories will need to update Gutenberg to the latest version because the Stories' editor relies on features that are not included in WordPress core versions.

What are AMP Stories?

AMP stands for ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages.’ AMP Stories provide publishers with a mobile-first, visually rich format for delivering news and information and bringing interactivity into media content. The goal of this project is to use the power of WordPress content creation to enable the authoring of AMP Stories as an immersive visual format.

What can I do with AMP Stories?

By using WordPress 5.0 or newer and the latest version of the Gutenberg and AMP plugins you can:

  • create AMP Stories with the help of the drag & drop function
  • add texts, videos, and images
  • choose the background color and opacity
  • animate text
  • set the order of AMP Story pages
  • manage AMP Stories as part of WordPress

AMP WordPress stories

A preview of the AMP Stories editor was held at AMP Conf 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. Check out this video to see how it will work in the 1.2 version of AMP for the WordPress plugin.   

Why should I use AMP Stories?

The creation of AMP Stories via plugin allows publishers to benefit from its visually rich, interactive format without knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Although the AMP WordPress plugin isn’t new, the fact that AMP Stories can now be created as part of WordPress makes it more convenient for marketers who are already familiar with this CMS. 

Create your first AMP story on WordPress!

The advantages of the new WordPress AMP plugin are clear. Contact WishDesk website development agency to update both AMP and Gutenberg editor to the latest version and start creating your own AMP Stories!


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