Tactics to Generate More B2B Leads with Drupal website

Best Tactics to Generate More B2B Leads with Drupal website

Generating more B2B leads with a Drupal site is the secret desire of every web company. All web companies want more B2B leads, it's like forbidden fruit. While generating B2B leads with Drupal website or some other platform is not easy but it can bear fruit.

Today the Wishdesk web development company will share all its knowledge and experience in order to give you proven tactics for generating B2B leads with Drupal CMS.

What is a B2B Sales Lead?

B2B sales leads are a valuable type of customer. B2B stands for Business to Business. B2B sales leads are your clients who are already owners of some other business, but they need your services.

This may sound a little confusing, so we will try to make it clearer. For example, one company, let's call it "Daisy," sells flowers and they need to create a website. You are a Drupal web development company and can develop a website for them. In this case, "Daisy" becomes your B2B Sales Lead.

The 3 benefits of B2B sales leads generation:

Conquering B2B leads, as we have already said, is not an easy matter. However, it is worth working on because the result will be a solid base for the future development of your company.

  1. You get more reliable leads
  2. It contributes to the development and growth of your business
  3. You create a base of quality leads

The 13 Best Tactics To Gain More B2B Leads with Drupal CMS

1. Create a list of potential B2B leads

Creating such a database of potential companies will make your life easier. You can take notes of each potential B2B Lead, which will then help you figure out whether it is worth spending time on getting their attention, or whether you can forget about them.

2. Send personalized mailing

Sending personalized emails is a good opportunity to once again remind people of your web company. The big advantage of Drupal is that you can install a special mailing module, which will save you the trouble of writing the name of each company manually. It is convenient to generate B2B Leads with the Drupal site.

Drupal Modules to send personalized mailing:

3. Add live-chat and chat-bots to your website

More customers will come to you if they can communicate with you. Adding a live chat feature to your website is a popular marketing trend today and is showing good results. 90% of customers said that they use live chat and it is useful for them.

Therefore, adding live chat on the Drupal site now is an effective way to get more B2B Leads with Drupal website.

Best Drupal Modules to add live-chat and chat-bots: 

4. Take care of the SEO of your website

The right SEO takes your website to a whole new level. After you improve the SEO of your site, you will have the opportunity to get into the first results of search engines and accordingly expand your client base. What does Drupal CMS have for this? Drupal is very convenient as far as SEO is concerned. The main thing is to correctly configure the SEO of the site and install the necessary modules.

Top Drupal SEO Modules:

5. Create and Optimize your landing pages

A lot of blogs have been written about landing pages, and for good reason. Landing allows you to push the user to become your B2B lead. The landing page is a must-have for every website. It is important to have a properly built and designed landing. Therefore, even if you already have a landing page, make sure that it is optimized and attractive. The more powerful the landing, the more leads it will bring to your company. Drupal is very convenient for creating landing pages, so B2B Leads on Drupal sites often come from the landing page.

Drupal Modules to create and optimize landing:

6. Be active on social media

Social networks are now a concentration of users in one place, so use this to your advantage. Be active on social marketing, expand your profile on LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook and Twitter, and more. Take an active part in discussions in Facebook groups. Properly running these sites can create an explosion of potential B2B leads.

Modules for social media integration:

7. Add a blog to your Drupal site

Having a Drupal site without a blog is useless — we are not exaggerating. Blogging on your Drupal site can generate as many B2B leads for you as any other strategy. Blogging is another powerful push for your potential customers to become your leads. Plus, if you are the owner of a Drupal site, then you already have a leg up. Probably the main feature of Drupal is its super-convenient content management.

8. Continuously develop your website

We are talking about the constant development of your site for a reason. Do not forget to constantly update it and add some new features, because this way you can get more traffic and keep it safe. Internet business is an effective deal. Stay up to date with the latest news and keep your Drupal website current. If your business is developed in Drupal, then it will be much easier than in other CMS.

Since Drupal is an open CMS, there are no problems with updates and adding new features. All the modules are in the public domain, plus there are many developers that can update it.

9. Make your website design attractive 

B2B leads will come when you attract them with a favorable offer and visual appearance of your website. The visual appeal covers everything: the landing page, your main site, the design of blogs, the visual of mailings, etc. Remember, your potential lead is returning attention to your Drupal site design first. To get B2B leads you to need to stand out from your competitors and be conspicuous. Use the design and visual appeal of your site as bait.

Drupal Modules to make your website design attractive:

10. Give free access to some information

An effective strategy that has spread in 2020 is to give free access to paid information. How does it work? When you give your users free access, you get their email addresses in return. After receiving their email addresses, you have a path to them and you can make them leads. In order to make it more convenient, you can create a separate page on your Drupal site to which a potential B2B lead will be redirected and where there will be a form to fill out.

11. Add more dynamic CTAs 

There is no such thing as too many CTA’s on a website. Regardless of the scope of your business, you have to have a CTA. Place your CTA at the top of your menu and in the middle and bottom of your site. Think about the text for it carefully. A visitor should want to click on it. An important detail is the design of the CTA buttons.

Make them so they will stand out from the site, but at the same time look harmonious. To make it easier to manage and add CTAs, install a module:

12. Optimise your web forms

Want to get the personal details of potential B2B leads? Then just simplify the forms they have to fill out. If the leads comes to your site and sees a form with 10 fields, you will lose the leads. Users don't like to fill out long forms. Simplify and shorten the forms on your site as much as possible. You can create a form using Drupal modules. After these steps, getting B2B Leads with the Drupal site will be much easier.

Drupal Modules to optimize web forms:

13. Add podcasts and videos directly to your site

Adding podcasts or video content to your Drupal site is no longer a problem. In addition, all the data indicate that customers love different ways of presenting the information. Moreover, users prefer to listen to podcasts and watch videos over reading the article. Therefore, you should let users listen to your podcasts right on your site.

The 13 Best Tactics To Gain More B2B Leads with Drupal CMS

Generate more B2B Leads with Drupal site at Wishdesk web development agency

All of the above strategies have been carefully selected by Wisdesk`s team of web developers. In order to generate more B2B leads with Drupal site, though, you don't need to apply all 13 tactics — start with one feature.

This way you get more B2B leads, and we can help you. Contact our web development agency to add a new feature or to get our professional help.


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