Social media marketing benefits

Social media marketing benefits for business

Social content marketing is the area where content marketing and social media meet. We already gave you tips on how to do content marketing right for website content. Now let’s talk about why you should provide social content and keep constant activity in social business profiles. Find out how social media marketing can help bring traffic to your website, bring interest to your brand and improve your business.

What are the main benefits of social media marketing for your business?

  • Faster and easier content spreading

SMM is extremely effective when it comes to sharing contemporary content. When you are planning seasonal sales, giveaways and other special offerings, delivering information on time matters a lot. Have you ever been in a situation when you find out about some sale after it’s over and regret not knowing sooner? The more people you inform, the more customers you’ll get and the more successful your marketing campaigns will be.

  • Increased brand awareness and brand recognition

Creating pages that represent your business on different social media platforms is a way to advertise for free. Getting your employees, partners and investors to repost and share your social content in private messages lets more and more people get acquainted with your products and services. If you include your logo and brand colors in your posts, they will become more recognizable.

  • Higher lead generation and lead conversion

Nowadays, almost every person uses at least one social network daily. The right SMM allows your business to reach prospects among social media users, capture their interest in your products and stimulate them to become your clients. SMM helps not only spread awareness about your products and services, but make deals and run business directly there. Practice social selling along with selling in your physical shops and on your ecommerce website. According to Social Selling 2017 Trends Report, companies who use social selling consistently see 15% better conversion rates.

  • Regular interaction with the target audience

You’ll be closer to your potential clients and could provide long-term customer retention and customer satisfaction when communicating with them via social media channels. They will also feel your virtual presence more if they know that they can see when you are online and chat directly with you or with your company representatives who moderate social pages. Also, your customers can communicate openly with you and with each other through comments on your posts. Just don’t forget to respond in timely manner.

  • Industry, marketplace and competitors insights

Monitoring your colleagues’ and competitors’ social activities helps you keep pace with the times. Start following authoritative pages relating to your industry and frequently check your newsfeeds to know what’s going in your marketplace. Use this information to compare it with the state of things, assess it and decide on how to improve your own social media marketing strategy and your business. Get inspired for new ideas and get encouraged to be ahead of the curve.

  • Increased website traffic

As well as social media follow buttons being placed on a website to help direct users to your social business pages, links to your website placed in your posts help direct users to your website, where they can find more information. So your website can get not only organic traffic from search engine result pages, but also increase site attendance and site usage through people who came from social media.

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